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Notes from the Librarian

Elections!  DFL Trustee Candidate bios, followed by a list of –you guessed it – NEW STUFF!

I cribbed the bios from the town newsletter:   and I’m only including the ones that are running for Library Trustee because this is the LIBRARY newsletter.  In the interest of fairness, since the town newsletter had everybody in A-Z order, I have switched to Z-A.

Remember, those of you running — You can attend the next Trustee meeting on Monday February 26th at the library, 5:15 p.m., anybody can, it’s a public meeting!

Trustee of the Dunbar Free Library – 3 Years (2 positions)


Carl (Tod) Lloyd


Last spring, I was appointed to complete a term as Trustee and Treasurer of the Library. Now I am running for a three-year seat on the Board of Trustees.


My wife and I came to Grantham from Reno in 2000. In 2016 I retired from Dartmouth-Hitchcock where I worked in Clinical Value Analysis.


The library is a vibrant place, with access to educational information, resource materials and literature for all tastes. Story time for young children, book clubs, an interesting book/movie discussion, maker spaces, the list of opportunities goes on. Our Librarian, Dawn Huston, her staff, and volunteers make the Library the resource it is. It is the work of the Trustees to support Dawn and her staff as they provide the content and handle the flow of books and movies in and out. It is a privilege to sit on the Board. I hope you will allow me to continue to work to maintain and enhance the Library in its usefulness to our community.


Mark F. Kendall


Mark Kendall has worked for over twenty-five years to serve the needs of libraries worldwide. Presently he is the Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for GOBI Library Solutions (formerly YBP Library Services), the library book division of EBSCO Information Services. He has extensive experience serving the acquisition, collection development and technical needs of research libraries and their consortia. In addition to Mark’s work at GOBI, he has held key strategic positions at several publishers and information aggregators including Executive Director of Libraries and Consortia for SAGE Publications, Vice President of Library Services for Ingenta and Director of National Accounts for Warren Gorham Lamont publishing, a division of Thomson Reuters. He has presented at numerous global library conferences including the American Library Association, VALA (Australia), Bibliostar (Italy) and the Charleston Conferences as well as authored several articles of interest to research librarians representing the library vendor perspective. A member of numerous library associations including the American Library Association, Mark holds a B.A. in History from Saint Michael’s College (VT) and, along with his wife Elise, has lived in Grantham for over five years.


In an increasingly digital world, the role of the library as a community hub for both information and learning is more critical than ever. Today, all citizens of Grantham are deeply fortunate to have access to the resources of the Dunbar Free Library, an institution I view as truly the heart of our community. If elected, I pledge to offer my library service experience and knowledge and, in partnership with the current Trustees, library staff and our community, work to ensure that the Dunbar Free Library continues to grow and serve as the vital resource that meets the evolving needs of the citizens of Grantham.


Max Bryant


One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor reading books in the library that served my community in rural Indiana. Those early days have created a lifelong love of books and reading and an appreciation of the importance public libraries bring to communities. This plus the value I put on public service is why I am running to be a Dunbar Free Library Trustee. My professional life in the military, private and public service sectors provided me a background in leadership, management and finance. In addition, I have served on a number of private and non-profit boards to include a current position on my Home Owners Association. Finally, it would be my great pleasure to add my ideas and energies by serving as a trustee of this community’s library.


Patricia Beasley


Originally from Ohio, my husband and I moved to Vermont and New Hampshire 44 years ago, and to Grantham 12 years ago. When my husband and I started a family, because of certain circumstances I became a “stay-at-home,” no longer working outside the home. During those “kid” years, I could not in good faith commit large blocks of time to any organizations, but I volunteered for many – church, school, sports, political, and community – always choosing behind-the-scenes jobs. I am a worker-bee. I see a job, I do it, and I am thorough. Now that I “own” my time, I wish to go to the front of an organization, help with decision making and work heartily for something about which I care deeply, our library.


Dunbar Free Library is a jewel and I wish to work with other townsfolk to maintain it as an amazing resource for Grantham and area residents. I served on the Library Long-Range Planning Committee in 2016 and as we members fulfilled our charge, I was struck by the thoroughness and care that the members of the committee before ours had laid out in foreseeing and working to meet the up-coming challenges for our library. Note the easy transition from old to new with such a large renovation. The library staff and volunteers (myself among them) work diligently creating an easy, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere for patrons. Dawn and staff remain ever-flexible and vigilant to constantly meet the community needs such as shifting and changing media, child and adult programs, partnering with school and town for theme presentations, etc.


I currently serve on the board of Friends of DFL. I have business experience, having managed the business end of my husband’s medical practice for a few years. I have lots of experience working on committees. But most of all I have a good amount of common sense and a large amount of dedication to and appreciation of this institution. I wish to have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees of DFL, helping to meet the challenges as they arise during the next three years, but making sure our library remains well-grounded in making contributions to our town that enrich us all.


Megan Alexander


My name is Megan Alexander and I would like to be considered for a three-year term as a Trustee of the Dunbar Free Library because I believe the library is one of Grantham’s greatest assets. I have watched the library grow and expand its offerings over the twelve years I have lived in Grantham. It continues to evolve thereby successfully meeting the needs and demands of our growing community while simultaneously creating community through its programs.

My background is in technology, a field in which I have worked as a software engineer and as tech support in a computer lab. I am currently at home with my youngest child and volunteer at the GVS library and at a local, non-profit nursery school where I serve on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. In that role I am responsible for the analysis and setting of the operating budget, tuition rates and teacher contracts. I maintain the school’s non-profit status, insurance policies, teachers’ benefit account, investment accounts, financial reports, as well as the daily accounts receivable and payable.

I would very much like to play a role in the support and growth of the library by helping it to meet the needs of our residents while preserving its collections for all to enjoy. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration of my qualifications to serve as a member of your board.


Trustee of the Dunbar Free Library – 1 Year*


Carolyn D. Simon


Living in a small community provides food opportunities to be invested in my community. I moved to Grantham 12 ½ years ago after a career in independent school education as a teacher, administrator and Head of School. The friendliness of this community reached out to me as a newcomer and welcomed me to participate as a volunteer. Through this I got to meet many “long-timers” here and became very comfortable in my new home. I am a member and past officer of the Grantham Garden Club; a member of the Council in Eastman and a past Vice-Council Chair and Chair of Greensward. I am currently a sales associate with a real estate firm that has an office in Eastman; and have the pleasure of having been a member of two book groups. I also served two terms on the Grantham School Board and am pleased to note that during that time every child enrolled in school was given a library card – and they use them too.


It is my interest in education and reading that makes me want to serve as member of the Library Board. I learned to read by going to the main Library in Birmingham, Alabama, the town of my birth. The library was downtown in a large formal building with marble floors, a huge entrance lobby filled with art work and a statue of Romulus and Remus being nursed by a wolf. I was so intrigued by that statue that my mother checked out a book from the adult section on sculpture and on the city of Rome. At an early age I was so proud that I got to look at books from the “big” library while I was learning to fall in love with Italy, its sculptures and the artists that created them. I learned a lot about history and famous people by reading every orange biography in the children’s section. By the time I finished those and other books, I had read every Nancy Drew ever written and every book in the series written by Janet Lambert. After college, I spent one year as the Children’s Librarian at a small neighborhood library in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky.


At the time Louisville was still somewhat segregated and the West End was mainly an African American neighborhood. For most of my families, the library was all Louisville offered them. I have wonderful memories of our story hour, some of my most interesting youngsters, and the Thursday afternoons we spent together. It is because of the influence of public libraries in my life and the importance they bring to communities in a myriad of offerings – way beyond the written word – that I would like to give back to Grantham by serving the library in this way.



Jennifer J. Buckey


My husband and I moved to Grantham from Keene in 2015, just in time for the final stages of the library expansion project. Some of our two-year-old daughter’s earliest outings were to story hour at the library, and we’re often there on Saturday to refresh our stack of books, get a DVD for movie night, or browse the magazines. Lately I’ve been replacing the radio on my commute with some of the many audio books available. I’m thrilled with our library, the staff, and the programming provided. My interest in joining the board of trustees is to be involved in this local institution and keep the library on a sound footing.


I’m currently an analyst at Dartmouth; prior to that I was a consultant and analyst at IBM for eight years. My approach to questions is data-driven, but that doesn’t mean one size fits all. I start from the questions of what is unique to Grantham, what is special about the Dunbar Free Library, and how can we keep building on those strengths. I’d like to continue the trend of co-sponsored activities with the town, Grantham Village School, the Garden Club, and scout groups. I also want to make sure that the library remains a welcoming place for new faces, as we have found it to be, while keeping the continuity and stability that make it such a vital part of our town.


Theresa F. Bryant


I am a recent retiree and became a resident of the Grantham Gray Ledges community in February 2016 but have lived and worked in the Upper Valley since 2003. Supporting education and learning has been a lifelong passion and commitment. After spending the first four years of my professional life in the classroom teaching English at the secondary level, I subsequently continued my career in communications and educational settings ranging from public affairs to senior administration at six liberal arts colleges and universities across the country.


One of the most crucial components in any community is access to information for all its citizens. Regardless of the demography of sameness or differences in any city or town, often the great leveler is a repository or gateway to resources, simple or complex, creative or factual. That repository and gateway is the public library. It is the place where anyone has the right to enter, to browse, to seek help to answer a question, to check out upcoming area events, or to turn the pages of a picture book or magazine even if you’ve never learned to read.


In my retirement, Tuesdays are the high point of every week when during lunchtime as a reading mentor, I read with a spunky, inquisitive second grader at a local school. His pleasure and excitement is so important to encourage and help to ensure. This opportunity to participate as a Library Trustee would be a privilege and an opportunity to help support and safeguard our vital community resource for us all.