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FAQs about curbside pick-up

Q: How do I place my own holds?

First, you have to have a library account.  In the green space just to the left of this message, there’s a link for the catalog.  When you’re at the catalog, with the keyword, author, etc. search boxes, then in the upper right hand corner you’ll see “login” or “create account”.  With your library card (barcode) number and your last name, you can create your own account: the username and the password.  We can never see the password you pick.  We can change it or delete it, but we can never see what it is.  Once you’ve created your account, you can search the catalog for something you want to borrow.  If it has “0 of 1” available next to it, you won’t be able to get it right away, it’s out to someone else.  If it has 1 of 1, then it’s (supposed to be) on the shelf waiting for you.  Click on the title, or the “details” button next to the title.  Now you should see a “hold it” button.  Click on the button, and you’ve placed the hold.  We’ll see it, pull the item from the shelf, and call you to figure out what day and time you want to pick it up. Ta da!

Q: When can we come in?

Not yet.  This is the first stage of the planned re-opening, so get in touch about those items you want to pick up curbside!

Q: I don’t know what I want without browsing, how can I pick without picking things myself?

We have a new service on the home page called “Book Matchmaker”, we quiz you on your likes and dislikes and our matchmaker superb makes suggestions for you.  OR, Are you a “New book” shelf browser?  We have a “New Arrivals” page on the website with the last several lists of “New Books” I’ve created.  Since I tend to be slow on that , there’s a quicker way when you look at the catalog on the left there’s a listing for Resource Lists.  Click on that and  go down to the Ns for “New” followed by a date.  That will be list of the new items put in that week.  Or tell us what you’ve liked in the past and we’ll try to match your taste.  (Please tell us if it worked or didn’t, you won’t hurt our feelings, you’ll help us do a better job next time.)”

Q: What should I do with what I’ve been keeping for the last x months?

If you are out and about you can now drop things in the bookdrop.  If you have popular materials (things someone is waiting for) we may ASK you to return them.  But if you’re NOT comfortable bringing things to the library, there are still no fines, and we can come pick them up from your porch or front lawn!  Just ask us.

Q: What about the virus on library materials?

Anything being lent out has either been in quarantine in the library for months (or more), is a recent purchase, or if it has been returned since the closedown we will have had it in quarantine for a week.  Research is continuing, but several studies specifically on SARS-CoV-2 (the covid19 virus) have shown that on porous materials like cloth or paper the virus is usually not viable after 4 hours, one study showed it lived as long as 24 hours on cardboard, while on plastic or steel it could persist 72 hours.  That’s one of the reasons we’re putting materials out in paper bags for curbside.  We are not removing any materials that have been returned to us from the bin they dropped into until a week has passed.  You can also leave the stuff in the paper bag for a day or two more after you get it home, and continue to follow CDC recommendations of washing your hands frequently and trying not to touch your face.

Q: Can I get something from another library?

Yes, Inter Library Loan has started up again.

Q: What happens if I miss my appointment?

We are leaving things on the table until the end of day, when we will bring your order back in the library, but get in touch to tell us you still want it and we will try again.  Sometimes there are other people waiting for the same thing.

Older FAQs

Q: Does the library accept donations?

8/12/19: No, but we appreciate you thinking of us!  As per the Dunbar Free Library Board of Trustees: “Until  further notice the Dunbar Free Library cannot accept book donations.  Thank you for your co-operation and support of our library.” 

Q: How do I use my Kindle with borrowing eBooks from the library?

Response: go to the website and scan down the page almost to the bottom, look for:  “Please visit the Official New Hampshire Downloadable Books Blog,  This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.”  ALL your questions probably have answers there, except….***

***You must call (863-2172) or e-mail us first if you don’t know the special number to put in front of your Dunbar Free Library card number.

Q: “I logged into the library catalog to place holds or to check and see what I have checked out before but it won’t work now!”

Response:  The main reason people have problems is they’re trying to log in at the District login spot.  You must click on “Dunbar Free Library” link and see the keyword/author/title search buttons before you try to log in.  Then, if your username/password still doesn’t work come into the library and we’ll let you see what your username is,  which will let you change your password.  We can never see your password, but can give you what you need to change it, if necessary.  post 9/20: we migrated to being hosted by Follett, instead of being hosted at the library’s server, so that may have interfered with some people’s logging in.  Make sure you’re not clicking on a saved location, close down entirely and then go back the library website and try to log in again.  If it still doesn’t work, try changing your password, or ask us to help.

Q: “I know the prefix to put in front of my library card to use Mango (Language program) but it gives me an error message!”

Response:  I had this happen to me to, when I clicked on the green start learning button instead of putting my library card number with prefix in the “your library card” box first.

Q: “I’ve used New Hampshire Downloadable Audios before, but this time it opened Adobe Editions (or Windows Media Player) and I can’t transfer the title to my MP3 player/iPod.”

Response:  Most likely, the title you downloaded was NOT an audio, but one of the e-books that can be read on your desk top or transferred to a number of  e-book readers including Sony, Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iPad, Cruz tablet, and quite a few mobile devices.  If you go back to your cart and check, this may be the answer.  If it’s not, call the library at 863-2172 or e-mail with the details and we’ll try to fix it, or at least check it in so it’s not keeping you from other things!  POST 11/20:  Overdrive has stopped supporting some formats, so call or email if you’re having problems.

Do you have a question?  e-mail “Suggested FAQ” to