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New Arrivals

As usual, the adult and young adult fiction, followed by the same groups’ non-fiction, then all the media, audiobooks followed by movies. Lastly, the rest of the juvenile items.

June 10 through July 13

New  Materials6/10-7/12/20
Call NumberTitle/SubtitleAuthor
Adult/YANew/New to usFICTION
FIC ALBERTA plain vanilla murderAlbert, Susan Wittig,
FIC BALDACCIWalk the wireBaldacci, David,
FIC BLACKThree hours in ParisBlack, Cara, 1951-
FIC CLANCY MADENTom Clancy firing pointMaden, Mike,
FIC CLARKLast flightClark, Julie, 1971-
FIC CONNELLYFair warningConnelly, Michael, 1956-
FIC DOIRONOne last lieDoiron, Paul,
FIC DYEDark Chaos 1863-1864Dye, Ginny
FIC GRISHAMCamino windsGrisham, John,
FIC HENDRIXThe Southern book club’s guide to slaying vampiresHendrix, Grady,
FIC HIGGINSAlways the last to knowHiggins, Kristan,
FIC HILDERBRAND28 summers : a novelHilderbrand, Elin,
FIC HOOPERLearning to see : a novel of Dorothea Lange, the woman who revealed the real AmericaHooper, Elise,
FIC HYDEWhere we belongHyde, Catherine Ryan.
FIC IMH ALEXANDERLove’s surpriseAlexander, Johnnie
FIC IMH PENNEYJoyful beginingsPenney, Elizabeth
FIC JACKSONReal men knitJackson, K. M.,
FIC JANCECredible threatJance, Judith A.,
FIC KINGRiviera gold : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock HolmesKing, Laurie R.,
FIC MAJUMDARA burningMajumdar, Megha,
FIC MANDELThe glass hotel : a novelMandel, Emily St. John, 1979-
FIC MOORETwo truths and a lie : a novelMoore, Meg Mitchell,
FIC OATESNight. Sleep. Death. The Stars. : a novelOates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
FIC OLSENThe girl beforeOlsen, Rena,
FIC PATTERSON BOURELLETexas outlawPatterson, James, 1947-
FIC PATTERSON DuBOISThe summer housePatterson, James, 1947-
FIC PATTERSON HOLMESRevengePatterson, James, 1947-
FIC PHILLIPSDance away with me.Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.
FIC ROBERTSHideawayRoberts, Nora,
FIC RUGGEROBlame the deadRuggero, Ed,
FIC RUSSELLMy dark VanessaRussell, Kate Elizabeth,
FIC SANDFORDMasked preySandford, John, 1944 February 23-
FIC SCHWARTZThe red daughter : a novelSchwartz, John Burnham,
FIC SOFERThe Septembers of ShirazSofer, Dalia, 1972-
FIC THAYERGirls of summer : a novelThayer, Nancy, 1943-
FIC TUROWThe last trialTurow, Scott,
FIC TYLERRedhead by the side of the roadTyler, Anne,
FIC WINGATEThe book of lost friends : a novelWingate, Lisa,
FIC WOODS HALLBombshellWoods, Stuart,
LP FIC CUSSLER BURCELLWrath of PoseidonCussler, Clive,
LP FIC PATTERSON FOXHushPatterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC PATTERSON FOXNever neverPatterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC STEELDaddy’s girls : a novelSteel, Danielle,
SF FIC HARRISONAmerican demonHarrison, Kim, 1966-
SF FIC HARRISONThe Witch with no nameHarrison, Kim
SF FIC SAPKOWSKIBlood of elves : a novel of the WitcherSapkowski, Andrzej.
SF FIC SAPKOWSKIThe time of contemptSapkowski, Andrzej.
YA FORRESTHarley Merlin and the secret covenForrest, Bella.
YA GINORickGino, Alex,
YA TAYLORAll the days past, all the days to comeTaylor, Mildred D.,
Adult/Young adultNew/New to usNON-Fiction
331.12 OPPENHEIMERThe robots are coming! : the future of jobs in the age of automationOppenheimer, Andres, 1951-
369.463 STEWARTTroop 6000 : the Girl Scout troop that began in a shelter and inspired the worldStewart, Nikita,
590.92 HAAGThe Durrells of CorfuHaag, Michael, 1943-
726.5 WAINWRIGHTA space for faith : the colonial meeting houses of New EnglandWainwright, Paul.
791.45 KAMPSunny days : the children’s television revolution that changed AmericaKamp, David,
940.5425 WALLACECountdown 1945 : the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the worldWallace, Chris,
941.073 DOMROSCHThe Club : Johnson, Boswell, and the friends who shaped an ageDomrosch, Leo
971.8 DeFEDEThe day the world came to town : 9/11 in Gander, NewfoundlandDeFede, Jim,
973.932 BOLTONThe room where it happened : a White House memoirBolton, John R.,
B BURFORDDirt : adventures, with family, in the kitchens of Lyon, looking for the origins of French cookingBuford, Bill,
B DURRELLThe Corfu trilogyDurrell, Gerald, 1925-1995.
B WASHINGTONYou never forget your first : a biography of George WashingtonCoe, Alexis,
CKBK 641.84 KORDA super upsetting cookbook about sandwichesKord, Tyler.
YANF B LINDBERGHThe rise and fall of Charles LindberghFleming, Candace,
Media Audio, Videoall ages
J-CD FIC GRIThe 117-story treehouseGriffiths, Andy
CD B DurrellMy family and other animalsDurrell, Gerald
CD FIC ALEXANDERThe TraitorAlexander, V. S.
CD FIC BALDACCIWalk the wireBaldacci, David, 1960-
CD FIC CONNELLYFair warningConnelly, Michael
CD FIC GRISHAMCamino winds : a novelGrisham, John,
CD FIC PATTERSON DuBOISThe summer housePatterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC SANDFORDMad RiverSandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23-
MP-3 B DURRELLMy family and other animalsDurrell, Gerald
J-DVD SSing yourself silly! 
FAM DVD AThe Addams family 
FAM DVD CThe call of the wild 
FAM-BLU-RAY AThe Addams family 
FAM-BLU-RAY CThe call of the wild 
DVD 551.5 INSIDEInside Hurricane Katrina 
DVD 597.3 GREATGreat white odyssey 
DVD 599.52 KINGDOMKingdom of the blue whale 
DVD 613.6 DOOMSDAYDoomsday preppers : season 1 
DVD 910.4 SECRETSSecrets of the Titanic 
DVD LThe lighthouse 
All the rest of the Juvenile stuff:  Board books Picture,  J FIC, Graphics, J non-fiction
BB HDragons are real!Hatam, Holly,
BB HUnicorns are real!Hatam, Holly,
PIC CThe lost houseCronin, B. B.,
PIC DGreat Leprechaun Chase, TheDean, James
PICNF MFennec FoxMurray, Julie
INTERMEDIATE DStella Endicott and the anything-is-possible poemDiCamillo, Kate,
J CISNEROSEfrén divided : a novelCisneros, Ernesto,
J KELLERWhen you trap a tigerKeller, Tae,
J LEGRANDFoxheartLegrand, Claire, 1986-
J PASTISTimmy Failure : the cat stole my pantsPastis, Stephan,
J SKYEApprentice neededSkye, Obert,
J SKYEMagic requiredSkye, Obert,
J SKYEWizard for hireSkye, Obert,
J WOLKEcho MountainWolk, Lauren, 1956-
J-GR PEIRCEBig Nate stays classyPeirce, Lincoln,
JNF B BERGHMercy : the incredible story of Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA and friend to animalsFurstinger, Nancy,

March 19 through June 9

Call NumberTitle/SubtitleAuthor
Adult and YAFictionNew and new to us
FIC ALVAREZAfterlife : a novelAlvarez, Julia,
FIC ANDREWSHello, summerAndrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
FIC BOHJALIANThe red lotus : a novelBohjalian, Chris, 1962-
FIC BRENNERSummer longingBrenner, Jamie, 1971-
FIC BRIGGSSmoke bittenBriggs, Patricia,
FIC COBENThe boy from the woodsCoben, Harlan, 1962-
FIC CONNOLLYFatal roots : a County Cork mysteryConnolly, Sheila,
FIC HARMELThe winemaker’s wifeHarmel, Kristin,
FIC HURWITZHellbentHurwitz, Gregg Andrew,
FIC KOONTZDevotedKoontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),
FIC MAHERThe girl in white gloves : a novel of Grace KellyMaher, Kerri,
FIC MARGOLINA reasonable doubtMargolin, Phillip,
FIC McBRIDEDeacon King KongMcBride, James, 1957-
FIC PATTERSONThe 20th victimPatterson, James, 1947-
FIC REICHSA conspiracy of bonesReichs, Kathy,
FIC ROLLINSThe last odyssey : a novelRollins, James, 1961-
FIC SOSAThe worst best man : a novelSosa, Mia,
FIC THOMPSONMurder on Pleasant AvenueThompson, Victoria (Victoria E.),
FIC WEINERBig summer : a novelWeiner, Jennifer,
FIC WETMOREValentine : a novelWetmore, Elizabeth,
FIC WOODSHit listWoods, Stuart,
LP FIC BOXLong range : a Joe Pickett novelBox, C. J.,
LP FIC STEELThe wedding dress : a novelSteel, Danielle,
SF FIC HARRISONEver afterHarrison, Kim 1966-
SF FIC HARRISONA perfect bloodHarrison, Kim, 1966-
SF FIC HARRISONThe undead poolHarrison, Kim, 1966-
SF FIC POE S.C.His hideous heart : thirteen of Edgar Allan Poe’s most unsettling tales reimaginedPoe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.
YA KINGDigKing, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970-
YA LAIButterfly yellowLai, Thanhha,
Adult and YANon-FictionNew and new to us
305 PIKETTYCapital and ideologyPiketty, Thomas, 1971-
305.26 DOUGLASIn our prime : how older women are reinventing the road aheadDouglas, Susan J. (Susan Jeanne), 1950-
327.73 NYEDo morals matter? : presidents and foreign policy from FDR to TrumpNye, Joseph S.
352.23 BACEVICHThe age of illusions : how America squandered its Cold War victoryBacevich, Andrew J.,
362.29 EYREDeath in Mud Lick : a coal country fight against the drug companies that delivered the opioid epidemicEyre, Eric, 1965-
615.8 LOUVOur wild calling : how connecting with animals can transform our lives–and save theirsLouv, Richard,
616.86506 ELLIOT SMITHQuitting smoking & vaping for dummiesElliott, Charles H., 1948-
636 FOERWe are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfastFoer, Jonathan Safran, 1977-
940.54 LANDDECKThe women with silver wingsLanddeck, Katherine Sharp,
955.05 GHATTASBlack wave : Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the forty-year rivalry that unraveled culture, religion and collective memory in the Middle EastGhattas, Kim,
971.8 DeFEDEThe day the world came to town : 9/11 in Gander, NewfoundlandDeFede, Jim.
973.0496 COMPLETEThe complete encyclopedia of African American history.
YANF 362.29 NEWVaping : big businessThe New York Times editorial staff.
All AgesMedia: Audios and VideosNew and new to us
J-CD FIC CHARLESFreedom soupCharles, Tami
J-CD FIC PECKA year down yonderPeck, Richard, 1934-
CD FIC ANDREWSHello, summerAndrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
CD FIC BOXLong rangeBox, C. J.,
CD FIC DeMILLEThe deserter : a novelDeMille, Nelson,
CD FIC DUNNFall of a philandererDunn, Carola.
CD FIC DUNNMistletoe and murderDunn, Carola
CD FIC WEINERBig summer : a novelWeiner, Jennifer,
CD 973.931 GRAFFThe only plane in the sky : an oral history of 9/11Graff, Garrett M., 1981-
FAM DVD LLittle womenvarious
DVD BBad boys for lifevarious
DVD BBirds of prey : (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn)various
DVD IThe invisible manvarious
DVD N1917various
DVD RRichard Jewellvarious
DVD RThe Rythm sectionvarious
DVD SStar Wars, the rise of Skywalkervarious
BLU-RAY BBad boys for life / Blu-rayvarious
BLU-RAY BBirds of prey : (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn)various
BLU-RAY JJust Mercyvarious
BLU-RAY N1917various
BLU-RAY NThe invisible manvarious
BLU-RAY RThe Rythm sectionvarious
Juvenile Pic, JFiction and Non-fictionNew, New to us
PIC JAardvarks, disembark!Jonas, Ann.
PIC KThe little red racing carKnowlton, Dwight.
PIC MHoneybee : the busy life of Apis melliferaFleming, Candace,
PICNF HBuzzing with questions : the inquisitive mind of Charles Henry TurnerHarrington, Janice N.,
PICNF RBones in the White House : Thomas Jefferson’s mammothRansom, Candice F., 1952-
J CONNORA home for goddesses and dogsConnor, Leslie,
J SACHARWayside School beneath the Cloud of DoomSachar, Louis, 1954-
J WESTFuture of the time dragonWest, Tracey, 1965-
J WILLIAMSGenesis begins againWilliams, Alicia, 1970-
J-GR GREENInvestiGATORSGreen, John Patrick 1975-
J GR Tarshis BallI survived. The sinking of the Titanic, 1912Ball, Georgia,
J-PB CHRThe hockey machineChristopher, Matt. 1917-1997
J-PB CHRIce magicChristopher, Matt. 1917-1997
J-PB CHRThe year Mom won the pennantChristopher, Matt. 1917-1997
J-GR 598.8 VANDERKLUGTCrows : genius birdsVanderklugt, Kyla, 1986-

February 16 through March 19

Call NumberTitle/SubtitleAuthor
New and New to us itemsAdult/Young Adult Fiction
FIC ADLER-OLSENVictim 2117Adler-Olsen, Jussi,
FIC BERRYLovely WarBerry, Julie, 1974-
FIC BOWENAbove the bay of angels : a novelBowen, Rhys,
FIC BOXLong rangeBox, C. J.,
FIC COLFERHighfire : a novelColfer, Eoin,
FIC CUSSLER BROWNJourney of the pharaohs : a novel from the NUMA filesCussler, Clive,
FIC DYESpring will comeDye, Ginny.
FIC DYEWalking into the unknown, October 1867 – October 1868Dye, Ginny,
FIC ELLISONGood girls lieEllison, J. T.,
FIC ERDRICHThe night watchmanErdrich, Louise.
FIC FLUKECoconut layer cake murderFluke, Joanne, 1943-
FIC GAILEYUpright women wantedGailey, Sarah,
FIC GREANEYOne minute outGreaney, Mark,
FIC GRIPPANDOThe big lieGrippando, James, 1958-
FIC IMH CHIANESEGrateful heartsChianese, Gail
FIC IMH FIELDSChristmas giftsFields, Jan
FIC KELLERMANThe museum of desireKellerman, Jonathan,
FIC KUBICAThe other Mrs. : a novelKubica, Mary.
FIC LEONTrace elementsLeon, Donna,
FIC MACKESYThe boy, the mole, the fox and the horseMackesy, Charlie,
FIC MANTELThe mirror & the lightMantel, Hilary, 1952-
FIC MILLERCountry strongMiller, Linda Lael,
FIC MONTIMOREOona out of orderMontimore, Margarita,
FIC OFFILLWeatherOffill, Jenny, 1968-
FIC PATTERSON BORNBlindsidePatterson, James, 1947-
FIC PEKKANEN HENDRICKSYou are not aloneHendricks, Greer,
FIC PRESTON CHILDCrooked riverPreston, Douglas J,
FIC RICELast dayRice, Luanne,
FIC SAPKOWSKIThe last wish : introducing the WitcherSapkowski, Andrzej.
FIC TODDA divided loyalty : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteryTodd, Charles,
FIC VanLIEREThe Christmas promiseVanLiere, Donna, 1966-
FIC WESTMinor dramas & other catastrophesWest, Kathleen, 1978-
FIC WHITESalt RiverWhite, Randy Wayne,
FIC ZAPATAThe lost book of Adana Moreau : a novelZapata, Michael,
LP FIC PATCHETTThe Dutch house : a novelPatchett, Ann,
LP FIC PATTERSONThe river murders : thrillersPatterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC STEELMoral compassSteel, Danielle,
LP FIC STEELThe numbers game : a novelSteel, Danielle,
YA EMEZIPetEmezi, Akwaeke,
YA McMANUSOne of us is nextMcManus, Karen M.,
YA RIBAYPatron saints of nothingRibay, Randy,
YA RUBYThirteen doorways, wolves behind them allRuby, Laura,
YA RUSSOBirthdayRusso, Meredith,
YA UEHASHIThe beast playerUehashi, Nahoko,
YA-GR TAMAKI VALERO-O’CONNELLLaura Dean keeps breaking up with meTamaki, Mariko,
Adult non-fiction
B HOLMESRemember, you’re mine : an adoption storyHolmes, J.S.
B KEATONBrother & sisterKeaton, Diane,
070.593 PENNSuccessful self-publishing : how to self-publish and market your bookPenn, Joanna
179.1 THUNo one is too small to make a differenceThunberg, Greta, 2003-
363.25092 DAWSONAmerican Sherlock : murder, forensics, and the birth of American CSIDawson, Kate Winkler,
378.73 BESTThe best value colleges : 75 schools that give you the most for your moneyFranek, Robert.
630.68 WHOLEWhole farm management : from start-up to sustainabilityedited by Garry Stephenson 
658.4 WILLINKLeadership strategy and tactics : field manualWillink, Jocko.
940.54 SMITHThe liberation of Paris : how Eisenhower, de Gaulle, and von Choltitz saved the City of LightSmith, Jean Edward,
940.5421 LARSONThe splendid and the vileLarson, Erik, 1954-
973.933 RUCKER LEONNIGA very stable genius : Donald J. Trump’s testing of AmericaRucker, Philip,
CKBK 641.4 HACHISUPreserving the Japanese way : traditions of salting, fermenting, and pickling for the modern kitchenHachisu, Nancy Singleton,
CKBK 641.5 GREENSPANEveryday DorieGreenspan, Dorie
CKBK 641.5944 GREENSPANAround my French table : more than 300 recipes from my home to yoursGreenspan, Dorie.
Media, Audios and Videos all ages
J-CD FIC DAHLJames and the giant peachDahl, Roald.
YA-CD FIC EMEZIPetEmezi, Akwaeke
YA-CD FIC HOROWITZStormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony, 1955-
YA-CD FIC RUBYThirteen doors, wolves behind them allRuby, Laura
CD 940.5421 LARSONThe splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the blitzLarson, Erik, 1954-
CD 955.05 GHATTASBlack waveGhattas, Kim
CD FIC BOHJALIANThe Red LotusBohjalian, Chris
CD FIC CHAMBERLAINBig lies in a small town : a novelChamberlain, Diane, 1950-
CD FIC CUSSLER BROWNJourney of the pharaohsCussler, Clive,
CD FIC MANTELThe mirror & the lightMantel, Hilary, 1952-
CD FIC ROBBVendetta in deathRobb, J. D., 1950-
MP3-CD 941.073 DAMROSCHThe ClubDamrosch, Leo
DVD BA beautiful day in the neighborhood
DVD BBombshell
DVD BBones. Season four
DVD BBones. Season one
DVD BBones. Season three
DVD BBones. Season two
DVD CCountry music
DVD KKnives out
DVD MMidway
DVD PDVD Poldark Seasons 1-4
DVD PParasite
DVD PThe professor and the madman
DVD TTolkien
DVD UUncut gems
BLU-RAY BA beautiful day in the neighborhood
BLU-RAY BBombshell
BLU-RAY KKnives out
BLU-RAY PKisaengch’ung = Parasite
BLU-RAY TTolkien
BLU-RAY UUncut gems
The rest of the Juvenile materials
BB ASweet dreams, MimiAigner-Clark, Julie.
PIC CHair loveCherry, Matthew A,
PIC EThe three billy goats buenosElya, Susan Middleton, 
PIC FThere’s a dragon in your bookFletcher, Tom, 1985-
PIC MBear came alongMorris, Richard T., 1969-
PIC RDorothea’s eyes : Dorothea Lange photographs the truthRosenstock, Barb,
PIC VRoger is reading a bookVan Biesen, Koen, 1964-
PICNF AThe undefeatedAlexander, Kwame,
PICNF BInstructions not included : how a team of women coded the futureBrown, Tami Lewis,
PICNF GFennec FoxGaneri, Anita
PICNF HDoing her bit : a story about the Woman’s Land Army of AmericaHagar, Erin,
PICNF TMagnificent birdsTogo, Narisa, 1987-
J KELLYSong for a whaleKelly, Lynne,
J KORMANNotoriousKorman, Gordon,
J ROANHORSRace to the sunRoanhorse, Rebecca,
J VERNONLair of the bat monsterVernon, Ursula.
J VERNONNo such thing as ghostsVernon, Ursula.
J-GR HALEMajor ImpossibleHale, Nathan, 1976-
JHS TARSHISI survived the Children’s Blizzard, 1888Tarshis, Lauren.
J-PB VERNONDragonbreath : attack of the ninja frogsVernon, Ursula.
JNF 599.66 MONThe tapir scientistMontgomery, Sy.
JNF 796.334 WETZELLionel MessiWetzel, Dan,
JNF 974.7 MURPHYThe Giant and how he humbugged AmericaMurphy, Jim, 1947-

January 20 through February 16

Call NumberTitle/SubtitleAuthor
Adult/YA New/New-to-us Fiction
FIC ALEXANDERIn the shadow of VesuviusAlexander, Tasha, 1969-
FIC ALLENDEA long petal of the sea : a novelAllende, Isabel,
FIC ANAPPARADjinn patrol on the purple line : a novelAnappara, Deepa,
FIC BARRYNight boat to Tangier : a novelBarry, Kevin, 1969-
FIC BAUERMEISTERThe scent keeperBauermeister, Erica,
FIC BENEDICTLady ClementineBenedict, Marie,
FIC BURNELLThe rhythm section : a Stephanie Patrick thrillerBurnell, Mark,
FIC CARRThe country guesthouseCarr, Robyn.
FIC CHAMBERLAINBig lies in a small townChamberlain, Diane, 1950-
FIC CHIANGExhalationChiang, Ted,
FIC CUMMINSAmerican dirt : a novelCummins, Jeanine,
FIC DALLASWestering women : a novelDallas, Sandra,
FIC ESTLEMANWhen old midnight comes along : an Amos Walker novelEstleman, Loren D.,
FIC FINDERHouse on fire : a novelFinder, Joseph,
FIC FLANAGANFirst personFlanagan, Richard, 1961-
FIC GARDNERWhen you see me : a novelGardner, Lisa,
FIC HURWITZInto the fireHurwitz, Gregg Andrew,
FIC IDEHi fiveIde, Joe,
FIC IMH PENNEYKindred blessingsPenney, Elizabeth
FIC JOHANSENHindsightJohansen, Iris,
FIC KRENTZThe vanishingKrentz, Jayne Ann,
FIC LUNAThe JanesLuna, Louisa,
FIC PATTERSON BORNLostPatterson, James, 1947-
FIC PETRIEThe wild onePetrie, Nicholas,
FIC QUARTEYThe missing AmericanQuartey, Kwei,
FIC QUINCYMurder at the opera : an Atlas Catesby mysteryQuincy, D. M. (Diana),
FIC ROBBGolden in deathRobb, J. D., 1950-
FIC SMITHThe electric hotelSmith, Dominic, 1971-
FIC STEADMANMr. Nobody : a novelSteadman, Catherine,
FIC TAYLORHunter killer : a novelTaylor, Brad, 1965-
FIC WILLIAMS WILLIG WHITEAll the ways we said goodbye : a novel of the Ritz ParisWilliams, Beatriz,
FIC WOODSWild cardWoods, Stuart,
LP FIC REIDSuch a fun ageReid, Kiley
SF FIC GIBSONAgencyGibson, William, 1948-
YA FROSTRogueFrost, Mark, 1953-
Adult/YA New/New-to-us Non-Fiction
B DURRELLMy family and other animalsDurrell, Gerald, 1925-1995,
B POWERThe education of an idealist : a memoirPower, Samantha,
B ROBERTSThe Chief : the life and turbulent times of Chief Justice John RobertsBiskupic, Joan,
B ROBERTSWild life : dispatches from a childhood of baboons and button-downsRoberts, Keena,
155.2 STORRSelfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed and What It’s Doing to Us.Storr, Will.
320.973 SCHWEIZERProfiles in corruption : abuse of power by America’s progressive eliteSchweizer, Peter, 1964-
362.88 McDIARMIDHighway of Tears : a true story of racism, indifference and the pursuit of justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girlsMcDiarmid, Jessica,
629.13 GLAISHERThe aeronauts : travels in the airGlaisher, James, 1809-1903,
641.815 CALVELThe Taste of breadCalvel, Raymond
649 SEIGEL BRYSONThe power of showing up : how parental presence shapes who our kids become and how their brains get wiredSiegel, Daniel J., 1957-
973.933 REILLYCommander in cheat : how golf explains TrumpReilly, Rick,
PARENTING 305.235 DAMOURUntangled : guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthoodDamour, Lisa, 1970-
AV, including a new digital audio format and LUV Audios and Videos
CD 629.13 GLAISHERThe Aeronauts : Travels in the airGlaisher, James
CD FIC KIMMiracle CreekKim, Angie, 1969-
DAUDIO FIC CONNELLYNine dragonsConnelly, Michael
DAUDIO FIC McEWANNutshellMcEwan, Ian
DAUDIO FIC PERRYA Christmas escapePerry, Anne
DAUDIO FIC QUICK‘Til death do us partQuick, Amanda
DAUDIO FIC REICHSFlash and bonesReichs, Kathy
DAUDIO FIC STEWARTLady cop makes troubleStewart, Amy
DAUDIO FIC WARDLover unleashedWard, J.R.
LUV-AUDIO 15 BURKEJolie Blon’s bounceBurke, James Lee
LUV-AUDIO 15 COXThe man on the washing machineCox, Susan
LUV-AUDIO 15 EVANOVICHMetro girlEvanovich, Janet
LUV-AUDIO 15 FINNEYInvasion of the body snatchersFinney, Jack
LUV-AUDIO 15 JAMESThe Book of night womenJames, Marlon
LUV-AUDIO 15 JOHNSONThe Dark horseJohnson, Craig
LUV-AUDIO 15  KATZSaving SimonKatz, Jon
LUV-AUDIO 15 KINGThe Art of detectionKing, Laurie
LUV-AUDIO 15 PERRYDark tide risingPerry, Anne
LUV-AUDIO 15 PHILBRICKIn the hurricane’s eyePhilbrick, Nathaniel
LUV-AUDIO 15 REICHSBare bonesReichs, Kathy
LUV-AUDIO 15 RICHARDSLifeRichards, Keith
LUV-AUDIO 15 ROSSMiss Julia to the rescueRoss, Ann B.
LUV-AUDIO 15 SHAKESPEAREMeasure for measureShakespeare, William
LUV-AUDIO 15 SHAKESPEAREThe Two gentlemen of VeronaShakespeare, William
LUV-AUDIO 15 UThe Widows of EastwickUpdike, John
LUV-AUDIO 15 WAUGHBrideshead revisitedWaugh, Evelyn
FAM DVD AAbominable
FAM-BLU-RAY AAbominable
DVD AAd astra
DVD DDoctor Sleep
DVD DThe Durrells in Corfu. The complete fourth season
DVD DThe Durrells in Corfu. The complete third season
DVD GGemini man
DVD GThe good liar
DVD HHarriet
DVD HHeartland. The complete twelfth season
DVD JJoker
DVD SShetland. Season five
DVD T24. Live another day
BLU-RAY GGemini man
BLU-RAY HHarriet
BLU-RAY JThe Joker
LUV DVD 2 AAbout time
LUV DVD 2 AAcross the universe
LUV DVD 2 AThe Art of getting by
LUV DVD 2 AAttack of the 50 ft. woman
LUV DVD 2 BBallerina
LUV DVD 2 BBefore your eyes
LUV DVD 2 BBeginners
LUV DVD 2 BBeing Poirot
LUV DVD 2 BBeowulf
LUV DVD 2 BThe Best of culinary boot camp
LUV DVD 2 BBikes VS Cars
LUV DVD 2 BThe Birth of a nation
LUV DVD 2 BThe Black Panthers
LUV DVD 2 BBlood Diamond
LUV DVD 2 BA brave heart : the Lizzie Valasquez story
LUV DVD 2 CA Cat in Paris
LUV DVD 2 CCreation
LUV DVD 2 DDepartures
LUV DVD 2 DThe Drop
LUV DVD 2 EThe Eiger sanction
LUV DVD 2 FA Fierce green fire
LUV DVD 2 HHope Springs
LUV DVD 2 LLeo Tolstoy’s War and Peace
LUV DVD 2 PProm night in Mississippi
LUV DVD 2 UUnexpected
LUV DVD 2 WWalking the bible
PIC BBad dogBoldt, Mike,
PIC FRoly PolyFox, Mem, 1946-
PIC LFroggy builds a snowmanLondon, Jonathan, 1947-
PIC MFry bread : a Native American family storyMaillard, Kevin Noble,
PIC MThe hundred-year barnMacLachlan, Patricia,
PIC MVroom!McClintock, Barbara,
PIC PThe old truckPumphrey, Jarrett,
PIC RPluto gets the callRex, Adam,
PIC SStretchy McHandsomeSchachner, Judith Byron,
PICNF BDraw what you see : the life and art of Benny AndrewsBenson, Kathleen,
PICNF DAztec EmpireDittmer, Lori.
PICNF DChinaDittmer, Lori.
PICNF DRomeDittmer, Lori.
PICNF HThree young pilgrimsHarness, Cheryl.
PICNF VArrow to Alaska : a Pacific Northwest adventureViano, Hannah,
CONCEPTS EMost of the better natural things in the worldEggers, Dave,
CONCEPTS HBear is awake! : an alphabet storyHarrison, Hannah E.,
CONCEPTS MNot a beanMartinez, Claudia Guadalupe, 1978-
CONCEPTS ROne fox : a counting book thrillerRead, Kate, 1978-
ER GHanukkah
J BARCLAYChaseBarclay, Linwood
J-GR WANGStargazingWang, Jen, 1984-
J-PB MILESRoxyMiles, Ellen,
J-PB SUTHERLANDWings of fire : a winglets collection, the first three storiesSutherland, Tui, 1978-
JNF B SOTOMAYORNational geographic kids readers : Sonia SotomayorKramer, Barbara,

December 16 through January 20

We have a new Stuart Woods, the sequel to Michael Crichton’s classic “The Andromeda Strain”, and if you like Miss Peregrine, we have the new one, but we’ve moved the whole series to Young Adult.

Call NumberTitle/SubtitleAuthor
New and New-to-usFiction: Adult, YA 
FIC BEATONBeating about the bush : an Agatha Raisin mysteryBeaton, M. C.,
FIC BERGThe confession club : a novelBerg, Elizabeth,
FIC BOONEA rainy weekend in Rhode IslandBoone, Terry
FIC CHOITrust exerciseChoi, Susan, 1969-
FIC COOKGenesisCook, Robin, 1940-
FIC CORNWELLSword of kings : a novelCornwell, Bernard,
FIC CUSSLERChaseCussler, Clive.
FIC GOLDENMonster townGolden, Bruce
FIC HARRISThe second sleep : a novelHarris, Robert, 1957-
FIC HUGHESChristmas in VermontHughes, Anita, 1963-
FIC IMH DODSONMending the pastDodson, DeAnna Julie
FIC IMH PENNEYTender melodyPenney, Elizabeth
FIC IMH PHILLIPSAt Summer’s endPhillips, Rachael O.
FIC LERNERThe Topeka schoolLerner, Ben, 1979-
FIC LINDSAYJust watch me : a novelLindsay, Jeffry P,
FIC NAPOLITANODear Edward : a novelNapolitano, Ann,
FIC O’BRIENGirlO’Brien, Edna,
FIC PERRYA small town : a novelPerry, Thomas, 1947-
FIC QUINNThe huntressQuinn, Kate,
FIC REIDSuch a fun age : a novelReid, Kiley,
FIC ROSENFELTRescuedRosenfelt, David,
FIC RUSSELLThe women of the copper country : a novelRussell, Mary Doria, 1950-
FIC WILLIAMSThe wicked redheadWilliams, Beatriz,
FIC WOODSTreasonWoods, Stuart
SF FIC CRICHTON WILSONThe Andromeda evolution : a novelWilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard), 1978-
SF FIC VANDERMEERDead astronautsVanderMeer, Jeff,
YA ADEYEMIChildren of virtue and vengeance.Adeyemi, Tomi.
YA CAWTHON COOPERFazbear frights: Into the pit #1Cawthon, Scott, 1971-
YA DAOSong of the crimson flowerDao, Julie C.,
YA HOLMSunny rolls the diceHolm, Jennifer L.,
YA JONES SEGALI’m not dying with you tonightJones, Kimberly (Kimberly Latrice),
YA QUIBoy21Quick, Matthew, 1973-
YA RIGGSThe Conference of the birds, the fifth novel of Miss Peregrine’s peculiar childrenRiggs, Ransom
YA-CD FIC POWERWilder girlsPower, Rory
YA-CD FIC RIGGSThe Conference of the birdsRiggs, Ransom
YA-GR MENDOZASkipMendoza, Molly,
NON-fiction: Adult/YA
B BUSHSisters first : stories from our wild and wonderful lifeHager, Jenna Bush, 1981-
B EDISONEdisonMorris, Edmund,
B PRINCEI would die 4 uToure
B SCALISEBack in the game : one gunman, countless heroes, and the fight for my lifeScalise, Steve,
B VAUGHANTexas flood : the inside story of Stevie Ray VaughanPaul, Alan, 1966-
294.3 CHODRONWelcoming the unwelcome : wholehearted living in a brokenhearted worldChödrön, Pema,
297.1 ANWARThe everything Koran book ; understand the origins and influence of the Muslim Holy Book and the teachings of AllahAnwar, Duaa.
305.235 ORENSTAINBoys & sex : young men on hookups, love, porn, consent, and navigating the new masculinityOrenstein, Peggy,
305.8 KIVELUprooting racism : how white people can work for racial justiceKivel, Paul.
320.54095694 DERSHOWITZDefending Israel : the story of my relationship with my most challenging clientDershowitz, Alan M.
332.024 MacQUEENPensionize your nest egg : how to use product allocation to create a guaranteed income for lifeMilevsky, Moshe Arye, 1967-
332.6092 ZUCKERMANThe man who solved the marketZuckerman, Gregory,
336 LASSER’S 2020J.K. Lasser’s your income tax
363.5 GRAFFRaven Rock : the story of the U.S. government’s secret plan to save itself – while the rest of us dieGraff, Garrett M., 1981-
613.71 BRADYThe TB12 method : how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performanceBrady, Tom, 1977-
639.7 WALLSThe Guide to owning a tarantulaWalls, Jerry G.
648.5 TORPYGoing forward : downsizing, moving and settling inTorpy, Moreen
796.51 VOORSThe Great alone : walking the pacific crest trailVoors, Tim
919.89 DAVISA polar affair : Antarctica’s forgotten hero and the secret love lives of penguinsDavis, Lloyd Spencer, 1954-
940.54 SIMMONSIan Fleming and Operation Golden EyeSimmons, Mark
CKBK 641.5 FOWLERFifty shades of chicken : a parody in a cookbookFowler, F. L.
CKBK 641.5 YOUYou suck at cooking : the absurdly practical guide to sucking slightly less at making food.
CKBK 641.563 SYMONFix it with food : more than 125 recipes to address autoimmune issues and inflammationSymon, Michael, 1969-
LP 636.1 McDOUGALLRunning with Sherman : the donkey with the heart of a heroMcDougall, Christopher
LP 636.7 FARBessie’s story : watching the lights go outFarmen, Thomas W.,
LP 977 McCULLOUGHThe pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal westMcCullough, David G.,
TRAVEL 914 STEVESRick Steves : Europe through the back doorSteves, Rick
REF 031 WORLD 2020The world almanac and book of factseditor, Robert Famighetti.
REF 339.4 CON 2020Buying guide.
REF 917.304 WATERMANNational Geographic atlas of the National ParksWaterman, Jonathan,
MEDIAAll audios and videos, all ages
PIC AUDIO CD BONThe Paddington treasury for the very youngBond, Michael
J-CD FIC COLFERThe Fowl twinsColfer, Eoin,
J-CD FIC GRIFFITHSThe 104-storey treehouseGriffiths, Andy, 1961-
J-CD FIC KINDiary of a wimpy kid. Wrecking ballKinney, Jeff,
J-CD FIC OSBNarwhal on a sunny nightOsborne, Mary Pope,
CD FIC CLANCY CAMERONTom Clancy code of honor : a Jack Ryan novelCameron, Marc,
CD FIC CLEETONWhen we left CubaCleeton, Chanel,
CD FIC CLEEVESThe long callCleeves, Ann.
CD FIC CRICHTONThe andromeda evolution : a novelCrichton, Michael, 1942-2008.
CD FIC CUSSLER MORRISONFinal optionCussler, Clive and Morrison, Boyd
CD FIC ILESCemetery RoadIles, Greg
CD FIC JEWELLThe family upstairs : a novelJewell, Lisa.
CD FIC MARLANTESDeep river : a novelMarlantes, Karl,
CD FIC MOSSEThe burning chambersMosse, Kate, 1961-
CD FIC PATTERSONCriss crossPatterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC PATTERSON BORNLostPatterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC PATTERSON BORNThe river murdersPatterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC RICHARDSONThe book woman of Troublesome CreekRichardson, Kim Michele,
CD B EDISONEdisonMorris, Edmund,
CD B MacDONALDH is for hawkMacdonald, Helen, 1970-
CD B STEVENSThe making of a justice : reflections on my first 94 yearsStevens, John Paul, 1920-2019,
CD 973.933 REILLYCommander in cheat : how golf explains trumpReilly, Rick
CD 977 McCULLOUGHThe pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal westMcCullough, David G.,
MP3-CD FIC MAYORThe CatchMayor, Archer
MP3-CD FIC MAYORThe Price of maliceMayor, Archer
MP3-CD FIC SIMThe Rosie resultSimsion, Graeme
J-DVD HHow to train your dragon. Homecoming
FAM DVD DDescendants 3
FAM DVD DA Goofy movie
BLU-RAY DDownton Abbey
BLU-RAY JJohn Wick. Chapter 3, Parabellum
BLU-RAY OOnce upon a time… in Hollywood
BLU-RAY PThe peanut butter falcon
DVD CChesapeake Shores. Season one
DVD CChesapeake Shores. Season two
DVD DDownton Abbey
DVD JJohn Wick : Chapter 3 Parabellum.
DVD MMajor crimes. The sixth and final season
DVD OOnce upon a time in… Hollywood
DVD PPuzzle
DVD SShetland. Season four
DVD TGame of thrones. The complete eighth season
EDU DVD 355.009 ALDRETEThe decisive battles of world historyAldrete, Gregory S.,
EDU DVD 519.2 STARBIRDWhat are the chances? : probability made clearMichael Starbird ; The Teaching Company.
EDU DVD 941.084 FEARSChurchillJ. Rufus Fears ; produced by Teaching Co.
EDU DVD 943.086 CHILDERSA history of Hitler’s empireChilders, Thomas, 1946-
Games PLAYPlay American Mah Jongg!Sandberg, Elaine
The rest of the juvenile additions
PIC CFreedom SoupCharles, Tami,
PIC CRiverCooper, Elisha,
PIC HClark the Shark : afraid of the darkHale, Bruce,
PIC HClark the Shark loves ChristmasHale, Bruce,
PIC HThe Lost treasure of Mount MethuselahHenry, Jim with Patterson, Jimmy
PIC MStone soup : A magical twist on an old taleMorse, Lisa
PIC PI got nextPeoples-Riley, Daria,
PICNF BWhat Miss Mitchell sawBarrett, Hayley,
CONCEPTS ATelling timeAdler, David A.,
ER CWhere is the sun?Carle, Eric,
ER DBooks are the bestTesta, Maggie,
INTEREMIATE ONarwhal on a sunny nightOsborne, Mary Pope,
INTERMEDIATE ONarwhals and other whalesOsborne, Mary Pope,
INTERMEDIATE PCaptain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers : the ninth epic novelPilkey, Dav, 1966-
INTERMEDIATE PDog man : fetch-22Pilkey, Dav, 1966-
J KINNEYDiary of a wimpy kid : wrecking ballKinney, Jeff,
J MORRISMustaches for MaddieMorris, Chad,
J-GR BRUELBad Kitty joins the teamBruel, Nick,
J-GR CATHONPoppy & Sam and the mole mysteryCathon, 1990-
J-GR KUKKONENLily the thiefKukkonen, Janne, 1983-
J-GR PEIRCEBig Nate makes a splashPeirce, Lincoln
J-GR PEIRCEBig Nate: pray for a fire drillPeirce, Lincoln
J-GR PERLASuper Potato. 3, Super Potato’s mega time-travel adventureLaperla (Artist),
TALL J-GR ALICECastle in the stars. Book three, The knights of MarsAlice, Alex, 1974-
JNF 363.72 RITCHIEJoin the no-plastic challenge! : a first book of reducing wasteRitchie, Scot,
JNF 394.2 SULFlight of the reindeer : the true story of Santa Claus and his Christmas missionSullivan, Robert, 1953-
JNF 582.15 WOHCan you hear the trees talking? : discovering the hidden life of the forestWohlleben, Peter, 1964-
JNF 591.47 JOHNSONNature’s ninja : animals with spectacular skillsJohnson, Rebecca L.,
JNF 598.15 VANHawks kettle, puffins wheel and other poems of birds in flightVande Griek, Susan, 1950-
JNF 745.61 HANSONCool calligraphy : the art of creativity for kidsHanson, Anders, 1980-
JNF 796.323 WETZELEpic athletes: LeBron JamesWetzel, Dan.
JNF 811 STEINGLASSSoccerverse : poems about soccerSteinglass, Elizabeth.
JNF 940.54 HEILIGMANTorpedoed : the true story of the World War II sinking of “The Children’s Ship”Heiligman, Deborah,
JNF 973.91 SANDLER1919 : the year that changed AmericaSandler, Martin W.,
JNF B NOAHIt’s Trevor Noah : born a crime : stories from a South African childhoodNoah, Trevor, 1984-
JNF B TUBMANShe came to slay : the life and times of Harriet TubmanDunbar, Erica Armstrong,