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New Arrivals

October, November + additions

Call Number Title/Subtitle   New and New-to-us Author
Adult and Young adult Fiction
FIC ALBOM The next person you meet in Heaven Albom, Mitch, 1958-
FIC ALLENDE In the midst of winter : a novel Allende, Isabel,
FIC ARCHER Heads you win Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
FIC BALDACCI Long road to mercy Baldacci, David,
FIC BENEDICT Carnegie’s maid Benedict, Marie
FIC BERG Night of miracles : a novel Berg, Elizabeth,
FIC BRADFORD Master of his fate Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
FIC BRAITHWAITE My sister, the serial killer : a novel Braithwaite, Oyinkan,
FIC BRINKLEY S.C. A lucky man : stories Brinkley, Jamel,
FIC BROWN The lake on fire : a novel Brown, Rosellen,
FIC CAREY Little Carey, Edward, 1970-
FIC CARLSON The red coat : a novel of Boston Carlson, Dolley,
FIC CHILD Past tense Child, Lee,
FIC CITRO Guardian angels Citro, Joseph A.
FIC CLARK The Cat came back Clark, Louise
FIC CLARK BURKE You don’t own me : an Under Suspicion Novel Clark, Mary Higgins,
FIC COLGAN The café by the sea : a novel Colgan, Jenny,
FIC CONNELLY Dark sacred night Connelly, Michael, 1956-
FIC CORNWELL War of the wolf Cornwell, Bernard,
FIC CUSSLER BROWN Sea of greed : a novel from the Numa files Cussler, Clive,
FIC CUSSLER MORRISON Shadow tyrants Cussler, Clive,
FIC ENGER Virgil Wander Enger, Leif,
FIC EVANOVICH Look alive twenty-five : a Stephanie Plum novel Evanovich, Janet,
FIC EVANS Noel stranger Evans, Richard Paul,
FIC FAULKS Paris echo : a novel Faulks, Sebastian,
FIC FOWLER A well-behaved woman : a novel of the Vanderbilts Fowler, Therese,
FIC FRENCH The Witch Elm French, Tana,
FIC FULLER Bitter orange Fuller, Claire,
FIC GORTNER Marlene Gortner, C. W.,
FIC GRAN The infinite blacktop : a novel Gran, Sara.
FIC GRISHAM The reckoning Grisham, John,
FIC GROFF S.C. Florida Groff, Lauren,
FIC GUTCHEON The new girls Gutcheon, Beth Richardson.
FIC HILDERBRAND Winter in paradise : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin,
FIC IDE Wrecked Ide, Joe,
FIC JOHANSEN Vendetta Johansen, Iris,
FIC JOHNSON Depth of winter Johnson, Craig, 1961-
FIC KELLERMAN A measure of darkness : a novel Kellerman, Jonathan,
FIC KING Elevation King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC KINGSOLVER Unsheltered Kingsolver, Barbara,
FIC LETHAM The feral detective : a novel Lethem, Jonathan,
FIC LIN 99 ways to die Lin, Ed,
FIC MACOMBER Alaskan holiday : a novel Macomber, Debbie,
FIC MALLERY Not quite over you Mallery, Susan,
FIC MASON The winter soldier Mason, Daniel (Daniel Philippe),
FIC McBAIN Lullaby ; Vespers ; Widows : three novels…87th McBain, Ed, 1926-2005.
FIC McCALL SMITH The colors of all the cattle McCall Smith, Alexander
FIC McCALL SMITH The quiet side of passion McCall Smith, Alexander
FIC McCALL SMITH A distant view of everything McCall Smith, Alexander
FIC McMORRIS Sold on a Monday : a novel McMorris, Kristina,
FIC MORIARTY Nine perfect strangers Moriarty, Liane,
FIC MORTON The clockmaker’s daughter : a novel Morton, Kate, 1976-
FIC MURAKAMI Killing commendatore : a novel Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
FIC PARETSKY Shell game Paretsky, Sara,
FIC PARRY The way of all flesh Parry, Ambrose,
FIC PATTERSON Target: Alex Cross Patterson, James, 1947-
FIC PATTERSON BORN Ambush Patterson, James, 1947-
FIC PERRY A Christmas revelation : a novel Perry, Anne,
FIC PETRIE Light it up Petrie, Nicholas,
FIC RICE Blood communion : a tale of Prince Lestat Rice, Anne, 1941-
FIC RIGGS A Map of Days : a novel Riggs, Ransom,
FIC ROSNAY The rain watcher : a novel Rosnay, Tatiana de, 1961-
FIC SANDFORD Holy ghost Sandford, John
FIC SAUNDERS S.C. Pastoralia : stories Saunders, George, 1958-
FIC SOLOMONS House of gold Solomons, Natasha,
FIC SPARKS Every breath Sparks, Nicholas,
FIC STEEL Beauchamp Hall : a novel Steel, Danielle,
FIC STEEL In his father’s footsteps : a novel Steel, Danielle,
FIC THOMPSON City of lies  AND   City of secrets Thompson, Victoria
FIC TRIGIANI Tony’s wife : a novel Trigiani, Adriana,
FIC WANG Family trust : a novel Wang, Kathy,
FIC WEAVER An act of villainy Weaver, Ashley,
FIC WOODS Desperate measures Woods, Stuart,
FIC-PB ALEXANDER What happens at Christmas Alexander, Victoria
FIC-PB CLANCY MADEN Tom Clancy Point of contact Maden, Mike
FIC-PB HILLERMAN Song of the lion Hillerman, Anne, 1949-
FIC-PB JANCE Man overboard Jance, J.A.
FIC-PB KLEYPAS Marrying Winterborne Kleypas, Lisa,
FIC-PB L’AMOUR Last of the breed L’Amour, Louis, 1908-1988.
FIC-PB LAURENS The brazen, elusive, untamed, reckless bride (4 in 1) Laurens, Stephanie.
FIC-PB PETRIE Burning bright Petrie, Nicholas,
FIC-PB WIGGS Map of the heart : a novel Wiggs, Susan,
GR FIC DRNASO Sabrina Drnaso, Nick,
LP FIC BALDACCI Long road to mercy Baldacci, David,
LP FIC CHILD Past tense : a Jack Reacher novel Child, Lee,
LP FIC GRISHAM The reckoning a novel Grisham, John,
LP FIC LeCARRE A legacy of spies Le Carré, John, 1931-
LP FIC PATTERSON Target Alex Cross Patterson, James, 1947-
SF FIC DEKKER Rise of the mystics Dekker, Ted, 1962-
SF FIC MARTIN Fire & blood Martin, George R. R.,
SF FIC SCHWAB A darker shade of magic Schwab, Victoria,
SF FIC SCHWAB Vengeful Schwab, V. E., 1987-
SF FIC SIMAK Way station Simak, Clifford D.
YA ACEVEDO The poet X Acevedo, Elizabeth,
YA ALBERTALLI Leah on the offbeat Albertalli, Becky,
YA ALEXANDER Swing Alexander, Kwame,
YA BOECKER An assassin’s guide to love & treason Boecker, Virginia,
YA Carriger Manners & mutiny Carriger, Gail,
YA FLANAGAN The Red Fox Clan Flanagan, John
YA GARBER Caraval Garber, Stephanie,
YA GARBER Legendary : a Caraval novel Garber, Stephanie,
YA KAUFMAN KRISTOFF Gemina Kaufman, Amie,
YA KAUFMAN KRISTOFF Obsidio Kaufman, Amie,
YA LU Wildcard Lu, Marie, 1984-
YA MANDANNA A spark of white fire Mandanna, Sangu,
YA MARTIN To be honest Martin, Maggie Ann,
YA REICHS Genesis Reichs, Brendan,
YA SANDOR Stick pick Sandor, Steven, 1971-
YA SHUSTERMAN Dry Shusterman, Neal,
YA WILLIAMSON The art of being normal Williamson, Lisa, 1980-
YA ZUSAK Bridge of Clay Zusak, Markus,
YA-GR ELLIS BEAGLE Moonstruck. Vol. 1, Magic to brew Ellis, Grace,
YA-GR MULLIGAN Strong female protagonist. Book one Mulligan, Brennan Lee,
YA-GR WESTERFELD Spill zone. 01 Westerfeld, Scott,
 Adult/YA NON-fiction
011.7 FEARS Books that have made hisory : Books that can change your life Fears, J. Rufus, Professor
020 ORLEAN The library book Orlean, Susan,
070.4 BARCLAY Fake news, propaganda, and plain old lies : how to find trustworthy information in the digital age Barclay, Donald A.,
152.4 HAV What if this were enough? : essays Havrilesky, Heather,
170 LaMOTT Almost everything : notes on hope Lamott, Anne,
303.4 GIR Winners take all : the elite charade of changing the world Giridharadas, Anand,
305.05 CARLSON Ship of fools : how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution Carlson, Tucker,
305.24 WEAVER The girls with the grandmother faces : a celebration of life’s potential for those over 55 Weaver, Frances.
305.42 TRAISTER Good and mad : the revolutionary power of women’s anger Traister, Rebecca,
306.4 COOK Even darkness sings: From Auschwitz to Hiroshima: finding hope in the saddest places on Earth Cook, Thomas H.
306.4 GELFAND Rule makers, rule breakers : how culture wires our minds Gelfand, Michele J.
320.97 LEWIS The fifth risk Lewis, Michael
321.9 SNY On tyranny : twenty lessons from the twentieth century Snyder, Timothy.
323.6 JONES Birthright citizens : a history of race and rights in antebellum America Jones, Martha S.
324.6 LICHTMAN The embattled vote in America : from the founding to the present Lichtman, Allan J.
346.73 McGINTY Lincoln’s greatest case : the river, the bridge, and the making of America McGinty, Brian
346.73 WINKLER We the corporations : how American businesses won their civil rights Winkler, Adam,
347.73 KAPLAN The most dangerous branch : inside the Supreme Court’s assault on the Constitution Kaplan, David A., 1956-
351.73 CHAFFETZ The deep state : how an army of bureaucrats protected Barack Obama and is working to destroy the Trump agenda Chaffetz, Jason, 1967-
355 BESCHLOSS Presidents of War Beschloss, Michael R.,
362.883 THINGS Things we haven’t said : sexual violence survivors speak out edited by Erin Moulton.
363.192 BLUM The poison squad : one chemist’s single-minded crusade for food safety at the turn of the twentieth century Blum, Deborah, 1954-
394.10941 SPENCER British food : an extraordinary thousand years of history Spencer, Colin.
398.2 AMERICAN American Indian myths and legends
500 BODANIS The secret house : 24 hours in the strange and unexpected world in which we spend our nights and days Bodanis, David.
523.11 CARROLL Dark Matter, dark energy : the dark sode of the Universe. Part 1 and 2 Carroll, Sean , Professor
523.9 EHRMAN The Historical Jesus Ehrman, Bart D., Professor
551.3 FREDSTON Snowstruck : in the grip of avalanches Fredston, Jill A.
579.5 STAMETS Mycelium running : how mushrooms can help save the world Stamets, Paul.
589.2 McKNIGHT A field guide to mushrooms, North America McKnight, Kent H.
599.78 KILHAM Out on a limb : what black bears taught me about intelligence and intuition Kilham, Benjamin.
608 TYMONY Sneakier uses for everyday things : how to turn a calculator into a metal detector, carry a survival kit in a shoestring, make a gas mask with a ballo Tymony, Cy.
613 WILLIAM Medical medium liver rescue : answers to eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, strep, acne, gout, bloating, gallstones, adrenal stress, fatigue, fatty liver, w William, Anthony,
615.5 NURSES Nurse’s drug handbook. 2019
616.85 BILA #DoNotDisturb : how I ghosted my cell phone to take back my life Bila, Jedediah.
636.7 FOX The healing touch for dogs : the proven massage program Fox, Michael W., 1937-
641.6 SPAHR Edible and medicinal mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada Spahr, David L., 1950-
CKBK 641.7 SHUMSKI How to Instant Pot : mastering all the functions of the one pot that will change the way you cook Shumski, Daniel,
649.68 FLANSBURG Math magic for your kids : hundreds of games and exercises from the human calculator to make math fun and easy Flansburg, Scott.
650.144 BAILO The essential digital interview handbook : lights, camera, interview : tips for Skype, Google Hangout, Gotomeeting, and more Bailo, Paul J., 1965-
736.94 ECKSTEIN The illustrated history of the snowman Eckstein, Bob.
746.43 MacDONALD LaBARRE Weekend wraps : 18 quick knit cowls, scarves & shawls MacDonald, Cecily Glowik,
771 FREEMAN The photographer’s eye : composition and design for better digital photos Freeman, Michael, 1945-
771 FREEMAN The photographer’s vision : understanding and appreciating great photography Freeman, Michael, 1945-
771 PATTERSON Photography and the art of seeing : a visual perception workshop for film and digital photography Patterson, Freeman, 1937-
771 THARP MANWARING Extraordinary everyday photography : awaken your vision to create stunning images wherever you are Tharp, Brenda.
782.42164 DIAMOND HOROWITZ Beastie Boys book Mike D, 1965-
786.2 KILDEA Chopin’s piano : in search of the instrument that transformed music Kildea, Paul Francis,
792.8 MATTER Born to dance : celebrating the wonder of childhood Matter, Jordan.
796.54 TAWRELL Wilderness camping & hiking Tawrell, Paul.
808 STRUNK WHITE The elements of style. Strunk, William, 1869-1946.
811 OLI White pine : poems and prose poems Oliver, Mary, 1935-
823 WEXLER The mysterious world of Sherlock Holmes : [the illustrated guide to the famous cases, infamous adversaries, and ingenious methods of the great detecti Wexler, Bruce, 1962-
940 STEWART The miracle of freedom : 7 tipping points that saved the world Stewart, Chris, 1960-
940.1 GRAVETT Knight : noble warrior of England, 1200-1600 Gravett, Christopher, 1951-
940.54 McCLAIN Navajo weapon : the Navajo code talkers McClain, S. (Sally)
942.1 SKAIFE The Ravenmaster : my life with the ravens at the Tower of London Skaife, Christopher, 1965-
973 LEPORE These truths : a history of the United States Lepore, Jill, 1966-
973 ZINN A people’s history of the United States, 1492-present Zinn, Howard, 1922-
973.3 PHILBRICK In the hurricane’s eye : the genius of George Washington and the victory at Yorktown Philbrick, Nathaniel,
973.932 JARRETT The Russia hoax : the illicit scheme to clear Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump Jarrett, Gregg,
973.933 WOODWARD Fear: Trump in the White House Woodward, Bob, 1943-
974.1 LiBRIZZI Dark woods, chill waters : ghost tales from Down East Maine LiBrizzi, Marcus A., 1964-
974.2 BRUNO Cruising New Hampshire history : a guide to New Hampshire’s roadside historical markers Bruno, Michael A.,
974.742 VALLEY Valley memories
LP 973.933 WOODWARD Fear : Trump in the White House Woodward, Bob, 1943-
B ALICE Alice : Princess Andrew of Greece Vickers, Hugo.
B CHURCHILL Churchill : walking with destiny Roberts, Andrew, 1963-
B DEN HARTOG The Occupied garden : A family memoir of war-torn Holland Kasaboski, Tracy and Den Hartog, Kristen
B FIELD In pieces : a memoir Field, Sally,
B GORDIEVSKY The spy and the traitor : the greatest espionage story of the Cold War Macintyre, Ben, 1963-
B KEMPER My squirrel days Kemper, Ellie, 1980-
B LOCKE The new Negro : the life of Alain Locke Stewart, Jeffrey C., 1950-
B MULLALY OFFERNAN The greatest love story ever told : an oral history Mullally, Megan,
B OBAMA Becoming Obama, Michelle, 1964-
B PARK In order to live : a North Korean girl’s journey to freedom Park, Yeonmi, 1993-
B SMARSH Heartland : a memoir of working hard and being broke in the richest country on Earth Smarsh, Sarah,
YANF 305.235 DALDRY The teenage guy’s survival guide : the real deal on going out, growing up, and other guy stuff Daldry, Jeremy, 1969-
YANF 796.086 CRONN-MILLS LGBTQ+ athletes claim the field : striving for equality Cronn-Mills, Kirstin, 1968-
YANF B USIRINGIYIMANA How dare the sun rise : memoirs of a war child Uwiringiyimana, Sandra,
YANF-GR B KROS Hey, kiddo Krosoczka, Jarrett,
All age media, Audio followed by Video
CD FIC CHILD Past tense Child, Lee,
CD FIC CONNELLY Dark sacred night Connelly, Michael
CD FIC DUNN Damsel in distress Dunn, Carola
CD FIC DUNN Dead in the water Dunn, Carola
CD FIC DUNN Murder on the Flying Scotsman Dunn, Carola
CD FIC DUNN Rattle his bones Dunn, Carola
CD FIC DUNN Requiem for a mezzo Dunn, Carola
CD FIC DUNN Styx and stones Dunn, Carola
CD FIC FLAGG The All-Girl Filling Station’s last reunion a novel Flagg, Fannie.
CD FIC FRENCH The witch elm : a novel French, Tana,
CD FIC GRISHAM The reckoning : a novel Grisham, John,
CD FIC HILDERBRAND Winter in paradise Hilderbrand, Elin,
CD FIC JOHNSON Depth of winter Johnson, Craig, 1961-
CD FIC KING Elevation King, Stephen, 1947-
CD FIC KING The outsider King, Stephen, 1947-
CD FIC KINGSOLVER Unsheltered Kingsolver, Barbara.
CD FIC ONDAATJE Warlight : a novel Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
CD FIC PICOULT A spark of light : a novel Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
CD FIC RIGGS A map of days Riggs, Ransom,
CD FIC SPARKS Every breath Sparks, Nicholas,
CD FIC WINGATE Before we were yours : a novel Wingate, Lisa,
CD FIC WOLITZER The Wife Wolitzer, Meg
LUV AUDIO 21 C The Rule of four Caldwell, Ian
LUV AUDIO 21 D Dark tort Davidson, Diane Mott.
LUV AUDIO 21 H Tess of the D’Ubervilles Hardy, Thomas
CD 305.5 CARLSON Ship of fools Carlson, Tucker
CD 355 BESCHLOSS Presidents of War : the epic story from 1807 to modern times Beschloss, Michael R.,
CD 510.92 SHETTERLY Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the black women mathematicians who helped win the space race Shetterly, Margot Lee,
CD 616 GAW Better [a surgeon’s notes on performance] Gawande, Atul.
CD 973.933 WOODWARD Fear : Trump in the White House Woodward, Bob, 1943-
CD B CHURCHILL The last lion, Winston Spencer Churchill. vol. 2, Alone, 1932-1940 Manchester, Wiilliam
CD B KEMPER My squirrel days Kemper, Ellie, 1980-
YA-CD FIC BROWN To stay alive Brown, Skila,
YA-CD FIC BRUCHAC Talking leaves Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-
YA-CD FIC SHUSTERMAN Dry Shusterman, Neal +Jarrod
YA-CD FIC ZUSAK Bridge of Clay Zusak, Markus,
MP3-CD YA FIC ALBERTALLI SILVE What if it’s us Albertalli, Becky and Silvera, Adam
J-CD 510.92 SHETTERLY Hidden figures Shetterly, Margot Lee
J-CD FIC BIRDSALL The Penderwicks at last Birdsall, Jeanne,
J-CD FIC BROWN The wild robot escapes Brown, Peter, 1979-
J-CD FIC COLFER The Land of stories : the ultimate book hugger’s guide Colfer, Chris
J-CD FIC DiCAMILLO Louisiana’s way home DiCamillo, Kate,
J-CD FIC GRIFFITHS The 13-storey treehouse (and 26 – 91, also) Griffiths, Andy, 1961-
J-CD FIC HIAASEN Squirm Hiaasen, Carl,
J-CD FIC RIORDAN 9 from the Nine Worlds Riordan, Rick,
J-CD FIC RUSSELL Tales from a not-so-happy birthday Russell, Rachel Renée,
J-CD FIC WOOD The Long-lost home Wood, Maryrose
BLU-RAY A Ant-man and The Wasp
BLU-RAY B Beirut
BLU-RAY B Book club
BLU-RAY C Crazy rich Asians
BLU-RAY H Hereditary
BLU-RAY J Jack Ryan : shadow recruit
BLU-RAY J Jurassic world. Fallen kingdom
BLU-RAY M Mamma mia! Here we go again
BLU-RAY M Mission: Impossible. Fallout
BLU-RAY O Ocean’s 4-film collection
BLU-RAY O Ocean’s 8
BLU-RAY P Predator. Ultimate Hunter edition
BLU-RAY S Skyscraper
BLU-RAY S Solo : a Star Wars story
DVD B Beirut
DVD B Book club
DVD C Crazy rich Asians
DVD D Deadpool 2
DVD E Eighth grade
DVD G Grace and Frankie. Season 3.
DVD G Grace and Frankie. The complete season four
DVD H Hereditary
DVD J Jack Ryan : shadow recruit
DVD J Jeeves & Wooster. Seasons 1-4 Fovell, Robert G., 1958-
DVD J Jurassic world. Fallen kingdom Sharon Latchaw Hirsh.
DVD J P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves & Wooster the complete second season Brettell, Richard R.
DVD L The librarians. Season three
DVD M Mamma mia! : here we go again
DVD M The miniaturist
DVD M Mission: Impossible. Fallout
DVD O Ocean’s 8
DVD S Skyscraper
DVD S The spy who dumped me
EDU DVD 551.5 FOVELL Meteorology an introduction to the wonders of the weather
EDU DVD 701 HIRSH How to look at and understand great art
EDU DVD 759.05 BRETTEL From Monet to Van Gogh a history of Impressionism
These “Libraries of the Upper Valley” videos only stay with us until mid January.
LUV DVD 11 A Arranged
LUV DVD 11 A The Arbor
LUV DVD 11 B The Barkleys of Broadway
LUV DVD 11 C Class
LUV DVD 11 E Emma
LUV DVD 11 H A History of violence
LUV DVD 11 H Hell and back again
LUV DVD 11 H History of the World in two hours
LUV DVD 11 H How I live now
LUV DVD 11 H The House I live in
LUV DVD 11 I I used to be darker
LUV DVD 11 I In a world
LUV DVD 11 I I’ve loved you so long
LUV DVD 11 J Jackie Robinson
LUV DVD 11 J Janis
LUV DVD 11 J Japan’s killer quake
LUV DVD 11 J Journey of man
LUV DVD 11 J Jules and James
LUV DVD 11 J Just Gender
LUV DVD 11 L Larry Crowne
LUV DVD 11 L Like crazy
LUV DVD 11 L Look back in anger
LUV DVD 11 L Looking for Eric
LUV DVD 11 L Lords of Dogtown
LUV DVD 11 L Lost boys of Sudan
LUV DVD 11 L Lucille Ball
LUV DVD 11 L The Invention of lying
LUV DVD 11 M A Most wanted man
LUV DVD 11 M Mommy
LUV DVD 11 M Mulholland Dr.
LUV DVD 11 S Son of the bride
LUV DVD 11 W Woody Guthrie
FAM DVD C Cars toon. Mater’s tall tales
FAM DVD C Christopher Robin
FAM DVD D Diary of a wimpy kid. The long haul.
FAM DVD I Incredibles 2
FAM DVD M Mary and the witch’s flower
FAM DVD S Stuart Little 3. The call of the wild
FAM-BLU-RAY C Christopher Robin
FAM-BLU-RAY D Diary of a wimpy kid. The long haul
FAM-BLU-RAY I Incredibles 2
FAM-BLU-RAY L The Land before time
FAM-BLU-RAY M Mary and the witch’s flower
J-DVD A All about big red fire engines : all about construction.
J-DVD C Clifford the big red dog
J-DVD C 2 Curious George videos
J-DVD D Mickey mouse clubhouse. Mickey’s great outdoors
J-DVD P 5 Paw patrol videos
J-DVD S Elmo visits the firehouse
Picture books, board books, all the rest of the juvenile materials
BB B Baby’s very first fingertrail play book cats & dogs illustrated by Stella Baggott
BB B But not the armadillo Boynton, Sandra,
BB B Fifteen animals! Boynton, Sandra.
BB B Hippos go berserk! Boynton, Sandra.
BB B Little Gorilla Bornstein, Ruth.
BB B Munch! crunch! snacks & lunch Bardaus, Anna W.
BB B Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Boynton, Sandra.
BB C The More we get together Church, Caroline Jayne
BB D Daniel goes to the potty Testa, Maggie,
BB G Playtime
BB H Eyes, nose, fingers and toes : a first book about you Hindley, Judy.
BB H Spot’s peekaboo : a lift-the-flap book Hill, Eric, 1927-2014,
BB H Where’s Spot? Hill, Eric, 1927-
BB H White on black Hoban, Tana.
BB K A potty for me! : a lift-the-flap instruction manual Katz, Karen.
BB K What do I feel? Kubler, Annie
BB K Zoom, zoom, baby! Katz, Karen.
BB R Ranger Rick Cub
BB S How Monkey says “My name is!” : an adventure in eight languages Samoun, Abigail, 1974-
BB S Ladybug Girl dresses up! Soman, David.
BB S When snowflakes fall Sams, Carl R.
PIC B The snowy nap Brett, Jan, 1949-
PIC C I hate my cats (a love story) Cali, Davide
PIC D Carmela full of wishes de la Peña, Matt,
PIC D Quiet DePaola, Tomie, 1934-
PIC F Buddy and Earl and the great big baby Fergus, Maureen,
PIC F How to code a sandcastle Funk, Josh,
PIC H Christmas in the time of Billy Lee Nolen, Jerdine.
PIC H Santa Bruce Higgins, Ryan T.,
PIC H William & the missing masterpiece Hancocks, Helen,
PIC M Munschworks Munsch, Robert
PIC P If da Vinci painted a dinosaur Newbold, Amy.
PIC P If Picasso painted a snowman Newbold, Amy,
PIC P Oliver Elephant Peacock, Lou,
PIC T All-of-a-kind family Hanukkah Jenkins, Emily, 1967-
PIC W I lost my tooth! Willems, Mo,
PIC Y Presto and Zesto in Limboland Yorinks, Arthur,
PIC JNF 398.2 G The girl who loved wild horses Goble, Paul.
PIC JNF 398.2 J Goha, the wise fool Johnson-Davies, Denys.
PICNF AUDIO CD ROC A spy called James : the true story of James Lafayette, Revolutionary War double agent Rockwell, Anne F.,
PICNF B PicNF community workers Bowman, Chris, 1990-
PICNF  B Mary, who wrote Frankenstein Bailey, Linda, 1948-
PICNF C PICNF patriotic symbols Chang, Kirsten, 1991-
PICNF D PICNF different kinds of trucks Dieker, Wendy Strobel.
PICNF D PicNF famous monuments, gdn gate brdg Duling, Kaitlyn.
PICNF D Mayday! mayday! : a Coast Guard rescue Demarest, Chris L.
PICNF H PicNF national parks Hansen, Grace.
PICNF H Petra Hansen, Grace,
PICNF H Real cowboys Hoefler, Kate,
PICNF K PicNF community places Kelley, K. C.
PICNF K Starstruck : the cosmic journey of Neil deGrasse Tyson Krull, Kathleen.
PICNF L PicNF community helper books Leaf, Christina,
PICNF M PicNF animal books Murray, Julie, 1969-
PICNF M PicNF government books Murray, Julie, 1969-
PICNF M PicNF sports books Murray, Julie, 1969-
PICNF M PicNF holiday books Murray, Julie, 1969-
PICNF P That’s not hockey Poulin, Andrée,
PICNF R PicNF famous monuments, gdn gate brdg Rawson, Katherine.
PICNF S Best in snow Sayre, April Pulley,
PICNF S PicNF community helper books Schuh, Mari C., 1975-
PICNF S PicNF famous monuments, gdn gate brdg Schuh, Mari C., 1975-
CONCEPTS C several feelings books Corchin, DJ
CONCEPTS J Octopuses one to ten Jackson, Ellen, 1943-
CONCEPTS P Bye-bye! Zeavin, Carol.
CONCEPTS S Blue Seeger, Laura Vaccaro,
CONCEPTS S Sesame Street sign language fun with Linda Bove
CONCEPTS Z All mine! Zeavin, Carol.
CONCEPTS Z Boo-boo! Zeavin, Carol (Education)
ER J Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt Jacobson, Jennifer, 1958-
ER R Annie and Snowball and the wedding day : the thirteenth book of their adventures Rylant, Cynthia,
INTERMEDIATE K On thin ice Krulik, Nancy E.
INTERMEDIATE L A dream come true Lindsay, Elizabeth.
J ANDERSON YELCHIN The assassination of Brangwain Spurge Anderson, M.T.,
J AVERY Not as we know it Avery, Tom
J BENTLEY A Christmas wish Bentley, Sue, 1951-
J CALEJO Charlie Hernández & the league of shadows Calejo, Ryan,
J CALLANDER HARRISON Mightier than the sword Callander, Drew.
J CASSIDY A boy named Queen Cassidy, Sara,
J COLFER The Land of Stories : the ultimate book hugger’s guide Colfer, Chris, 1990-
J CURTIS The journey of little Charlie Curtis, Christopher Paul,
J GAYTON Lilliput Gayton, Sam,
J HOLM The third mushroom Holm, Jennifer L.,
J JOHN Mascot John, Antony, 1972-
J KIM I’m Ok Kim, Patti, 1970-
J KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : the meltdown Kinney, Jeff,
J LANE The best worst thing Lane, Kathleen, 1967-
J LOVE Monstrous devices Love, Damien,
J MAGOON The season of Styx Malone Magoon, Kekla,
J MULL Time jumpers Mull, Brandon, 1974-
J MULL FABLEHAVEN Wrath of the dragon king Mull, Brandon, 1974-
J OPPEL Inkling Oppel, Kenneth, 1967-
J PATTERSON GRABENSTEIN Max Einstein : the genius experiment Patterson, James, 1947-
J PHELAN Knights vs. dinosaurs Phelan, Matt,
J PONTI Framed! Ponti, James,
J REYNOLDS Lu Reynolds, Jason,
J RIORDAN 9 from the Nine Worlds : stories Riordan, Rick,
J ROWLING Fantastic beasts : the crimes of Grindelwald : the original screenplay Rowling, J. K.,
J RUSSELL Tales from a not-so-happy birthday Russell, Rachel Renée,
J STONE Mary of the Mayflower Stone, Dian Stevenson
J YEE Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Katana … Yee, Lisa,
J YEE …Supergirl, Wonderwoman at Super Hero High Yee, Lisa,
JHS TARSHIS I survived the attack of the grizzlies, 1967 Tarshis, Lauren,
J-PB STA By fire, by moonlight Stanton, Mary.
J-PB STA Night of the shifter’s moon Stanton, Mary.
J-PB STA Search for the star Stanton, Mary.
J-PB STA Secrets of the scepter Stanton, Mary.
J-PB STANTON Unicorns of Balinor. Books 1-3 Stanton, Mary.
J-PB STILTON The phantom bandit Stilton, Geronimo,
J-GR BROOKS Sanity & Tallulah Brooks, Molly
J-GR BROWN Bad to the bones Brown, Jeffrey, 1975-
J-GR CATHORN Poppy & Sam and the leaf thief Cathon, 1990-
J-GR D.G. Cucumber quest. 3, The Melody Kingdom Gigi D. G. (Artist),
J-GR D.G. The flower kingdom Gigi D. G. (Artist),
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J-GR HERGE The adventures of Tintin Hergé, 1907-1983.
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TALL J-GR ALICE Castle in the stars. Book two, The Moon-King Alice, Alex, 1974-
TALL J-KUHLMANN Edison : the mystery of the missing mouse treasure Kuhlmann, Torben, 1982-
JNF—– HARRIS JNF about journalism, news Harris, Duchess,
JNF ——HARRIS JNF about different types of social media Harris, Duchess,
JNF —— HARRIS JNF about “12 worst” various disasters Harris, Duchess,
JNF —– HARRIS JNF about engineering ancient and modern “wonders” Harris, Duchess,
JNF 306.4 ORR Combatting body shaming Orr, Tamra,
JNF 538 McC Northern lights McClanahan, Ben, 1978-
JNF 578.77 MON The Great White shark scientist Montgomery, Sy,
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JNF 591.7 MONTGOMERY Something rotten : a fresh look at roadkill Montgomery, Heather L.,
JNF 599.66 MARKLE The great rhino rescue : saving the southern white rhinos Markle, Sandra,
JNF 599.67 NEWMAN Eavesdropping on elephants : how listening helps conservation Newman, Patricia, 1958-
JNF 612 HANSON NAGOURNEY My silly body : a user’s manual for boys & girls Nagourney, Eric.
JNF 629.45 SLADE Countdown : 2979 days to the moon Slade, Suzanne,
JNF 629.8 LINDEEN Robot competitions Lindeen, Mary.
JNF 634.9 PET Smokejumpers : fighting fires from the sky Petersen, Justin,
JNF 791.45 GREEN Power Rangers Green, Sara, 1964-
JNF 793.93 GREGORY JNF about minecraft…4 Gregory, Josh.
JNF 793.93 KEPPLER The inventors of Minecraft : Markus “Notch” Persson and his coding team Keppeler, Jill,
JNF 794.8079 ELLENPOR Esports : a billion eyeballs and growing Ellenport, Craig.
JNF 796.323 GOODMAN Celtics, Bulls, Warriors, Lakers Goodman, Michael E.,
JNF 796.334 LUKE 3 JNF about soccer Luke, Andrew.
JNF 796 etc. 4 bks about STEM in sports Marquardt, Meg.
JNF 797.2 LANSER The science behind swimming, diving, and other water sports Lanser, Amanda,
JNF 951.93 RABEN Explore North Korea: 12 Key facts Raben, Molly
JNF 953.8 SHEEN Growing up in Saudi Arabia Sheen, Barbara,
JNF 972.875 LAPI Engineering the Panama Canal La Pierre, Yvette,
JNF 972.91 SNOW Explore Cuba: 12 Key facts Snow, Peggy
JNF B GRANDE Ariana Grande : pop star Santos, Rita, 1985-
JNF B MIRANDA Lin-Manuel Miranda : award-winning actor, rapper, writer, and composer Morlock, Theresa,
JNF B TRUDEAU Justin Trudeau : Canadian prime minister and leader of the Liberal Party McAneney, Caitie,
JNF-GR B TATULLI Short & skinny Tatulli, Mark.