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New Virtual Library

Here is a list of online books for adults. Please click on the Children’s menu tab or the Teen’s menu tab to access appropriate books for these age groups.

As you probably already know, this is the best place to start. Sign in with the Dunbar’s prefix 4298 followed by just the digits of your library card number. (No spaces please.) Call us if you need a library card, or if you forgot your library card number.
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Amazon’s Audible is offering 27 audiobook classics.
This is intended for children and teens, but some adults enjoy this collection too!
This is a library of over 60,000 free ebooks with the focus on older works of which the U.S. copywright has expired.
Open Library is a nice collection of ebooks. Requires a free sign up.
Publishers Weekly has a collection of links to all sorts of great reading!

If you need your library card number to log in, email us at