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Virtual Museums

Located in Exeter,NH, this museum promotes awareness, increases understanding and celebrates the achievement of American Independence. Click on this to access their wonderful storytime and crafts!

*Explore this amazing site for learning activities, recipes, crafts, videos and more!
Go on a home safari! So much fun to see and learn about these interesting animals!

Currier Museum of Art
*Scroll down the page to access this amazing virtual museum! Learn about art,browse the collection, enjoy a storytime, and learn art techniques!

*View the incredible collections, listen to artist interviews, watch videos, and so much more! Be sure to scroll down the page!

Museum of New Hampshire History
*For NH history, this museum rocks! Check out the social studies curriculum (Moose on the Loose), timelines, audios,videos, and more! Currently, there is a video lecture of The Old Man on the Mountain!

Museum of Science Boston

Museum of Science
*The Museum of Science believes that science never stops,so they haven’t stopped either with amazing virtual learning opportunities designed for all ages!
Strawbery Banke Museum
*Enjoy the interesting house tours from the 1700’s, attend virtual workshops, learn about NH archaeology, and more!
Squam Lakes Science Center
*Enjoy some very interesting activities and oh-so-funny videos!
*Take a tour through the forest canopy, visit with a naturalist, or listen to campfire stories! And don’t miss all of the virtual events too!

* Denotes we have library passes for this museum, which can be visited at some point in the future.