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We’re open today!

 What’s New at Dunbar Free LibraryOctober 12, 2020
Hi, friends,
(our website was down earlier but is fixed now)
The Truth comes out.  I believe it was October of 2009 that we honored Joey Holmes with working at the library for 30 years.  HOWEVER, she says really, that first year the librarian paid “the assistant” out of her own money, and Joey wasn’t in the budget until 1980.  So this year, she has been a paid employee of the Dunbar Free Library (named after her Great-Uncle Lorenzo, who donated the funds to have this building built in memory of his wife) for 40 years, nominal “Assistant Director” since 2001. 

NO MORE! At the end of this month, she is stepping down from that august position.  She’ll still be around, but only around once a week, not the practically every day she’s been doing for decades. Please call or email or mail a card to the library (PO 1580) if you’re one of the countless library patrons whose life she’s touched with a hug, an inter-library loan request (or regular book group requests!) or just her sunny face.  (She’s especially proud (and rightfully so) of the $7,000+ that was raised for the last renovation when she challenged everyone to donate $1 for each year they’d known her in honor of her 80th birthday!)
New “HELP, I don’t know what to read” service!
Need a book to read? Would you like help choosing a book? Try BOOK MATCHMAKER!  Click on this link to give it a try! . . not feeling confident about link clicking? Then give us a call at 863-2172  or email and say you’d like someone to call and walk through it with you (and provide your phone number.)

And the best way to find the NEWEST titles is to go to the catalog and on the left hand side of the search screen click on the link called “Resource Lists”.   Scroll down until you see the lists starting with NEW!, one for each week and go ahead and see what the latest new items are! 

October 30th, at 7:00 p.m. Halloween Virtual Event!  
Mark your calendars for our exciting family Halloween virtual event from Talewise (formerly Sciencetellers)Mummy of Mystery Mansion,  Visit our website to find out more about this exciting Spooooooky program! DFL Book to Movie – My Family and Other AnimalsThe book is an autobiographical work by British naturalist Gerald Durrell. It tells in an exaggerated and sometimes fictionalized way of the years that he lived as a child with his siblings and widowed mother on the Greek island of Corfu between 1935 and 1939. If you would like a book held for you, please call us at 863-2172. The book discussion is Monday November 2,, at 6:30, (you want something else to do that evening, DON’T YOU?) and the movie will be (I’ll do my best!!) November 5th at 6:30, zoom address to be announced on Face Book probably, and the website at www.dunbarlibrary.organd you can call 863-2172. 

Need a Library Card?  Online forms at Dunbar Free Library!  You can now access the online library card request form on the library homepage here:   Or click on this link for direct access!

Feeling Crafty? Weekly craft kits are NOW available for pickup at DFL! Share some creative moments with your family and put together our no-fuss, all materials included craft kit. Just call the library at 863-2172 to schedule a time to pick them up, AND consider picking up some books too! 

Museum Passes: Some local and state museums are open, modified to accommodate safety precautions for COVID 19. Please call us for the latest information about museums and state park passes.

Book Drop Box is Open for returns, Curbside Pickup Available

Inter library loan has started up again, getting materials that we own that aren’t brand new is now back to normal.

Miss Dawn’s Live Virtual Story time is every Wednesday @ 10:00 am. It is designed for our littlest patrons and features singing, dancing, and great stories! This storytime can be accessed by this link:

Miss Julie’s Live Virtual Story time is now going LIVE every Thursday at 10:30 am! This story time is designed for preschoolers and early elementary aged children, but all ages are welcome! This weekly themed story time features songs with movement, fingerplays, felt board activities, and stories – of course! Join by pasting this link in your browser! Stories: And don’t miss the stories that Miss Julie pre-recorded during the summer so that families have convenient access. These are available on the Dunbar Free Library’s YouTube channel :

Online Resources for Children and Teens from DFL The Dunbar Free Library has lists of websites available for you and your family to explore. From creativity to early learning, from recorded books and stories to games and adventures – we’ve provided fun places for all interests. Just visit the DFL website at and click on the Children tab on the right top. Click on the dropdown list and find a new site to enjoy with your kids.

Fixed Storytime link, SYNC reminder, NH Parks!, trustee mtg date

May 8th: I made a typo, AND I forgot one of the things on my last subject heading!!  But, I’m not allowed to send more than one of these in less than 24 hours!  So SYNC!!! Reminder:  May 7th started the 2nd week of SYNC free audiobook program for the summer of 2020.  It’s two free Young Adult audiobooks a week from the magazine AudioFile, also sponsored by OverDrive and various audiobook publishers. You will have to get the Sora app for it, but they explain (click on the SYNC free audiobook above) how to do it.

New News:  SOME of the NH State Parks are open, and may I remind you we have a NH State Parks PASS (Thank you FODFL!).  You have to email/call us at least a business day ahead (so Thursday for Fri/Sat/Sun) to get the library to make the reservation, then we email it to you: currently you HAVE to have a printer to print it out.  If you’re interested, call or email and I can explain further, and you can click on the NH State Parks link above to get times open etc. for the parks listed below.Monadnock – JaffreyMiller – PeterboroughPawtuckaway – NottinghamBear Brook  – AllenstownWinslow – WilmotRollins – WarnerFor Future Reference: the correct Wednesday 10 am Story Time address is   
And please, when joining, use the chat function (look for the thing that looks like a speech balloon) to tell me your child’s name with what they would like me to sing about e.g. Miss Dawn is wearing pink shoes or Julie has a green barrette or Andy’s got Stick Man socks. Thanks!   Also, I really intended to tell everyone about the next Trustee meeting date: May 18, at 5:30 PM.  If anybody would like to observe/participate, please call 863-2172 and leave a message (with contact information) or email and we’ll get you the details on how to get into the zoom meeting. 

If you have input on other types of story times or different times for story times please email me.  We’ll see what we can do!     

Wednesday 10 am Story Time, don’t forget SYNC: 2 free weekly audios

May 5th (well, the wee hours of the 6th, really…typo alluded to in May 8th post fixed here as well)
Wednesday Story time, 10 a.m.  Go to to see Miss Dawn’s Story Time at Dunbar Free Library!     Alphabet story, the Silly Dance Contest, the whole shebang.  Hopefully there won’t be an echo this time, because I won’t be testing myself with the chrome book. 

In addition, we’ve rearranged some of the website: resources has the sub-divisions, Virtual Library and Virtual Museums.  Virtual Library has links to downloadable books, and a Publishers Weekly list of MANY resources kids and teens publishers and authors/illustrators are providing during this “stay home” era.  PW links to Mo Willems’s and Dav Pilkey’s art lessons, (previously mentioned here) as well as an event tomorrow by two astronauts: ZOOMing Through Space with Scott Kelly, Mike Massimino, and John RoccoAstronaut-authors Scott Kelly and Mike Massimino know what it is like to live in close quarters without being able to go outside. On Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m. the authors will share their experiences of going to space in a panel moderated by Caldecott Honoree John Rocco. The virtual event is free for all, but requires advance registration.Virtual Museums goes to as many of our library pass museums but also to the Montshire, to the resources they are providing now, virtually.  VINS has volcanos and “Birds are dinosaurs”, as well as a weekly Campfire stories at 3 p.m. on Fridays.  Keep checking our website for new resources, there are specific pages for Kids and Teens, and keep your eye on our Facebook posts as well!

Upcoming events by proxy! (This was not the final newsletter version that was sent 4/10)

We can’t have any “Humanities to Go” programs right now from New Hampshire Humanities, but they have an e-newsletter called “Human Ties”(click to subscribe) which has been announcing weekly live programs Friday at 6:30 p.m. and this week it’s STORY TELLING!  “These stories are too good not to share. That’s why this Friday’s online presentation features four brilliant storytellers and their remarkable tales from our recent Annual Dinner. We’ve extracted four short stories for you to enjoy online this Friday night.”

Watch on Facebook OR on our website at 6:30 pm this Friday, April 10!

On their Home Page, right below the banner, you will see this message: (that’s supposed to be a picture that my “copy and paste” didn’t carry over well)
This week’s Humanities to Go Online will be posted right here at 6:30 pm on Friday (but not before!) OR you can watch on Facebook.

They’re doing it this way because last week when the put a link IN their newsletter people clicked on it whenever they read it and couldn’t find a video to watch.  Like old fashioned Television, or a live show, you can’t pick when to watch it, you’ve got to make time at 6:30 Friday.

April 3:

April 3: Dogman’s author event, Kanopy instructions

Just a short note of 3 items.  Phone is NOT currently being monitored,but email IS. Dunbar Free Library closing extended until further notice, and the drop box has been locked.  Please keep all your materials until we re-open, there are no fines.     Dav Pilkey of Dogman and Captain Underpants fame (to name only a few) is putting out regular art lessons, and a special video event streaming every Friday starting at 8 am through Scholastic, Youtube, and the Library of Congress, check it out!  

Here are the directions for Kanopy Streaming service, which includes Kanopy KIDS (currently free for at least 10 more days) and “The Great Courses. There is a collection of “credit free” movies in addition to many independent films, Criterion Classic Films and a large number of documentaries
Directions:  go to, click on the “enter library card” at the lower left-hand side.  put in your library card number as 4298##### with the 5 hashtags representing your DFL library card number. If you don’t remember your DFL library card number, email us. If your DFL library card number is less than 5 digits long, put zeros in the middle to make the total number your are entering 9 digits long. IF YOUR DFL LIBRARY CARD HAS EXPIRED MORE THAN  A YEAR AGO, YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTACT US. All going well, you will get to a screen where it asks you to log in with google or facebook or enter your name, email and create a password.  Then you get to the Kanopy home page.  You can select Kanopy kids from the top banner, pick FREE movies from the first line, search for a particular title from the searchbox at the very top or go down to line six for the Great Courses.  There are many “curated collections”: Oscar Winners, Great Directors, go ahead, check it out.   
The library has placed a cap on the expenditure each month, and on the patron usage each month.  These caps don’t apply to the free items.  If the cap is met, then patrons will have to await the beginning of the next month for more viewing.  Kanopy Kids and Great Courses allow access for 30 days per choice.

April 1st, Phone-in Trustee meeting and more online cool resources

 Dunbar Free Library Phone-in Trustee meeting 4/2/20, at 2 p.m.  
In order to participate, email before noon April 2nd and she will provide you with the access information. 
I spent a lot of time today adding new recipients to the library newsletter, trying to make sure I didn’t RE-add any and may I just say it was a pleasure to see the folks that have moved away who still check out the library newsletter.  I’m glad you still like to hear from us and we’d love to hear from you, too. 


1)Kanopy is HERE    As of April 2, we are now members of Kanopy.  The way Kanopy works, is pay-per-play.  Right now, they are offering Kanopy for Kids for free, and an evolving list of movies for free as well: so be on the lookout for the free stuff.  For everything else, the library pays for each item you select.  You have 72 hours to watch it as many times as you like.  Children’s things (when not free) and Great Courses work a little differently. If you’re interested, email and I’ll explain what your library card number for Kanopy is.  
2) Cool Overdrive/Libby stuff: A) There is an online bookgroup going on right now:  Every body in NH can read it at the same time, and there is a session with the author, and book chat. The title is “Funny, you don’t LOOK autistiic” by stand-up comedian Michael McCreary.  Goodreads 3.99, and other good reviews, it will be available for checkout to everyone through April 13th.
B)Also, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is “Always Available” for the entirety of April.  That means you can get the ebook or the audio with no waiting. If you need help using the system check out the directions Julie put on the library home page, or email me (see above)
Without Karen, we missed promoting the annual bird count, back in mid-February, but if you like birds, check out one of the few remaining open libraries: the Belmont Bird Library–  They have a live-feed of birds, and a beautiful library for them.  
Even though they’ve yet to offer library passes, I have to tout the Montshire Museum’s new online resources “Introducing the Montshire at Home” planning new themes each week. 
Don’t forget to fill out your census!!

Lots of things from the library “VIRTUALLY”

March 20, 20 ?What a way to start the Spring!!We are closed! Under the current plan until April 6th.(crying emoji!) BUT, there are still things we can do for you.  FIRST I’m going to hand out some important info you may or may not know:There are no fines on any materials while we are closed.For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in New Hampshire (as of this morning still no cases in Sullivan County.)(from one of the state librarians) This is an FYI to parents or others who are trying to facilitate online learning for their communities. NH has a student data privacy law that restricts the use of online resources to those companies that can protect student data. 
The governor has signed an executive order effectively lifting those privacy requirements for this period. local grocery stores will be holding special shopping times for senior citizens and others of higher susceptibility; Hannaford on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 to 7 am, Price Chopper stores are open daily from 6 to 7 am for the sameThe Valley News currently has no paywall on its site for all articlesThe IRS states that the deadline for all payments has been extended until July 15th, and Bloomberg News says so has the filing date.New Hampshire Downloadable books:  The prefix to put in front of your library card is 4298.  Call or email if you don’t know your library card number.  There are still over 9000 eBook and 6000 audiobook titles available for checkout RIGHT NOW, and you can place holds on those that aren’t.  Know a Grantham resident who doesn’t have a library card but would like to use NHDB?  Tell them to call the library and we’ll fix them up with a temporary card that will allow borrowing.
I have way too many juvenile sources offering free books to put them in the newsletter. Trying to help your children at home?  Check out the library Website Resources page and PARTICULARLY the “Virtual Library” link for free stuff (some needing passwords, which is why I’m not linking them here) from Rebel Girls, Tumblebooks, Junior Library Guild, Gale (more for TEENS!), and many others.
And you know, the ORIGINAL source for eBooks is Project Gutenberg.  Great books that have outgrown their copyright but not their class.
Here’s the link to the “New Arrivals” (I just updated it)Save These Dates  (God willin’ and the creek don’t rise!)Book to Movie  Monday, April 27th We will discuss “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen and April 30th we will watch the movie PG, 2 hours, 2 minutes, 6:30, free popcorn as always.First Friday Movie  May 1st , I believe this is “title as yet unknown”, 6:30, Free and Free popcorn.Regular Wednesday lap-baby and toddler story time, 10 a.m., Thursday preschool story time 10:30 a.m. Hopefully April 8th and 9th???And NOW, it’s time for the BIG announcement:  Either live or recorded, there will be a Miss Dawn Story Time this coming week.  I’ve recorded the Silly Dance Contest… but it needs a take 2, and I need to choose just the right books, but it WILL happen.
 A Repeat:

I’m plugging this one again BECAUSE some of your kids now have extra time (?) to study for SATs.. and, I’ve included the code you need at the end of the paragraph.
We have a new test prep service called Mometrix.  It is on the Web Resources tab on the website ( and has study guides and practice tests for SAT, LSAT, Real Estate License, Nursing, almost everything is available from the company but we don’t have them all: but if you have a need, we can switch out something we don’t use for one that suits your need.  DFL4675166.


Today, November 6th, 7:30, at Eastman’s South Cove, the Hemlock room, is Ramblin’ Richard.  For years we’ve seen tons of “positive reviews” on Ramblin’ Richard events, so we’re finally hosting his program on the songs of World War I, in this, the year the war really ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919.  The treaty was registered by the Secretariat of the League of Nations on October 21st 1919. 

“ ‘Ramblin’ Richard’ Kruppa sings the songs that were popular and tells interesting stories of how the songs related to the life and times of Americans of that era.  Many of the songs have remained beloved to this day…“When Irish Eyes are Smiling”, “It’s a Long, Long way to Tipperary”, “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm?”  He tells the stories and sings the songs while accompanying himself on guitar, 5 string banjo and baritone ukulele.”  This program is co-sponsored by the Friends of Dunbar Free Library and The Center Presents.

And NOW, it’s time for the new stuff!  This is what I said last time: “(Hey, there’s only 2 weeks’ worth!!)”  HAH!!  It’s now more than 2 months’ worth, but I’ll get better.  Switch tabs to “New Arrivals”.

Did you know?

Dunbar Free Library has a language learning program called “Mango”, on our green right-hand sidebar Quicklinks and on the “Web Resources” page, login requires you know the pre-fix to put in front of your library card number (just ask us) and it provides varying levels of instruction for over 30 languages and quite a few more for “English as a 2nd language”.  If you create your own login once you’ve accessed it the first time, it will keep track of your progress.  It also has movies in foreign languages.

Hi, friends, (7/30/2019)

Worried about SATs? We have a month’s trial on a test prep tool called “mometrix” that the library could subscribe to:  anybody likely to take a standardized test should check it out and tell us what you think!  There are 1800 possible titles in the tool but we would probably take the option of selecting 50 ($575) vs ALL ($1100) at least to start.  Options ranging from studying for  3rd grade Common Core to Forester, Midwife, Athletic Trainer, CPA exams to Multi-state Bar exam …k-12, college, nursing, … Like I said, over 1800 test prep books and flash card sets: go to the demo! (3/26/2020: demo closed but we have the tool on the website resources page, ask for the password!)

The Friends of Dunbar Free Library have sponsored all our great Summer Reading Program events and crafts, as well as most of our museum passes you borrow, most of our videos, the “Give-a-book” program of a book donated to the library in honor of new babies born in Grantham and new young Dunbar Free Library cardholders, AND they made a beautiful refrigerator magnet with our hours and other info on them (Pick yours up free from the library) SOOOOOOOO,  if you are in need of a new bag to carry your stuff in, they’ve got you covered there as well!  Only 12$ for the beautiful bag (no longer) pictured here! And don’t forget the magnet is FREE – not “included free with the purchase of bag” but absolutely free, just drop in the library and pick it up off the counter!

And NOW, it’s time for the events…

LAST EVENT OF THE SUMMER READING PROGRAM!  Mr. Aaron’s Intergalactic Music Spectacular is tomorrow, Wednesday, at Town Hall at 10 a.m., he plays multiple instruments (?possibly all at once??) and the audience gets to participate in a BRAND NEW SONG created right there in concert!

Wednesday evening at 7:30 at the library, ALSO, the last Midsummer Movie: audience choice between Transformers: the Last Knight (154 minutes), or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (111 minutes). As usual, Free Popcorn, if you bring your own re-usable container you get extra points!

Thursday at 10 a.m. at the library, it’s Ms. Heather Cantagallo’s Kindergarten Story Time (all others welcome as well).

Friday, August 2nd, at 6:30 the First Friday Movie will be “Treasure Planet” (in keeping with our “Universe of Stories” Summer Reading Theme), same deal with the popcorn.

The rest of August is less busy, but on Saturday August 17th, 9-2, Paula Dorr will hold one of her “Clear out the basement” Tent Sales,  in our yard, where YOU can get beautiful paintings, photographs, scarves, and other artwork, SHE gets more room to make more, and WE get part of the proceeds.  It’s just a win-win-win!

August 27th, Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., is the End-of-summer-before-school-starts Pajama Time Story Time.  Come in your pajamas (or not) for Miss Dawn’s selection of stories.  Sometimes inside, Sometimes outside, depending on the weather.

And NOW, it’s time for the new stuff!

Call Number Title/Subtitle Author
Fiction Adult and Young Adult New/New-to-us
FIC ARMSTRONG Wherever she goes Armstrong, Kelley,
FIC ATHERTON Aunt Dimity and the heart of gold Atherton, Nancy,
FIC ATKINSON Big sky Atkinson, Kate,
FIC BOWEN The victory garden Bowen, Rhys,
FIC CAMERON A dog’s journey Cameron, W. Bruce.
FIC CHIAV Resistance women : a novel Chiaverini, Jennifer,
FIC CONNOLLY Many a twist Connolly, Sheila,
FIC GIORDANO Auntie Poldi and the vineyards of Etna Giordano, Mario, 1963-
FIC GREANEY RAWLINGS Red metal Greaney, Mark,
FIC HADDON The porpoise : a novel Haddon, Mark, 1962-
FIC HAYWOOD The cactus Haywood, Sarah,
FIC HENRY The girl in red Henry, Christina, 1974-
FIC HOLMES Evvie Drake starts over : a novel Holmes, Linda,
FIC HOWE The daughters of temperance hobbs : a novel Howe, Katherine, 1977-
FIC JACKSON Paranoid Jackson, Lisa,
FIC JONES The snakes : a novel Jones, Sadie,
FIC KAMALI The stationery shop Kamali, Marjan,
FIC KEANE Ask again yes : a novel Keane, Mary Beth,
FIC LEPIONKA The last place you look Lepionka, Kristen,
FIC LINDSEY Temptation’s darling Lindsey, Johanna,
FIC LUESSE Almost home : a novel Luesse, Valerie Fraser,
FIC MACOMBER Window on the bay : a novel Macomber, Debbie,
FIC MALLERY The summer of sunshine & Margot Mallery, Susan,
FIC MARK The mausoleum Mark, David John, 1977-
FIC MARLANTES Deep river : a novel Marlantes, Karl,
FIC McCAW Death of a messenger McCaw, Robert B.
FIC McCAW Off the grid McCaw, Robert
FIC MONROE The summer guests Monroe, Mary Alice,
FIC MOSSE The burning chambers Mosse, Kate, 1961-
FIC NESBO Knife Nesbø, Jo, 1960-
FIC ORRINGER The flight portfolio Orringer, Julie,
FIC QUINN Heart of barkness Quinn, Spencer,
FIC ROBERTS Under currents Roberts, Nora,
FIC ROY Gone too long : a novel Roy, Lori,
FIC ROZAN Paper son Rozan, S. J,
FIC RUM A woman is no man : a novel Rum, Etaf,
FIC SILVA The new girl : a novel Silva, Daniel, 1960-
FIC SIMSION The Rosie result Simsion, Graeme C.,
FIC STEEL Lost and found : a novel Steel, Danielle,
FIC STEPHENSON Fall; or, Dodge in hell : a novel Stephenson, Neal,
FIC THOR Backlash : a thriller Thor, Brad,
FIC WALKER The body in the castle well : a Bruno, chief of police novel Walker, Martin,
FIC WAXMAN The bookish life of Nina Hill Waxman, Abbi,
FIC WENDIG Wanderers : a novel Wendig, Chuck,
FIC WHITEHEAD The nickel boys : a novel Whitehead, Colson, 1969-
FIC WILKINSON American spy : a novel Wilkinson, Lauren, 1984-
FIC-PB CONNOLLY Bitter harvest Connolly, Sheila.
FIC-PB CONNOLLY One bad apple Connolly, Sheila.
FIC-PB CONNOLLY Rotten to the core Connolly, Sheila.
FIC-PB CONNOLLY Sour apples Connolly, Sheila.
FIC-PB JOHANSEN The killing game Johansen, Iris.
FIC-PB PATTERSON Crazy house Patterson, James, 1947-
FIC-PB PATTERSON Hunted Patterson, James, 1947-
FLC CHRISTIE Miss Marpley y trece problemas Christie, Agatha
LP FIC HOLSINGER The Gifted school Holsinger, Bruce
SF FIC LACKEY Eye spy Lackey, Mercedes,
YA ALBERTALLI SILVERA What if it’s us Albertalli, Becky,
YA ANDERSON Shout : a poetry memoir Anderson, Laurie Halse.
YA BARDUGO King of scars Bardugo, Leigh,
YA BROWN XL Brown, Scott,
YA CLARE CHU The red scrolls of magic Clare, Cassandra,
YA DESSEN The rest of the story Dessen, Sarah,
YA GHOSTS Ghosts of the shadow market Clare, Cassandra,
YA HOPKINS The you I’ve never known Hopkins, Ellen.
YA KONIGSBERG The music of what happens Konigsberg, Bill,
YA SANDERSON Skyward Sanderson, Brandon,
YA SHUSTERMAN Thunderhead Shusterman, Neal,
YA STONE Odd one out Stone, Nic,
YA STRAND Stranger things have happened Strand, Jeff,
YA SUGIURA This time will be different Sugiura, Misa,
YA WATSON HAGAN Watch us rise Watson, Renée,
YA-GR HEROES Heroes. Volume one Aron Eli Coleite … [et al.].
YA-GR WALDEN On a sunbeam Walden, Tillie, 1996-
Non-fiction Adult and Young Adult New/New-to-us
B FRANCE Naturally Tan France, Tan,
B GINSBURG Ruth Bader Ginsburg : a life De Hart, Jane Sherron,
B REAGAN Lady in red : an intimate portrait of Nancy Reagan Tate, Sheila, 1942-
B STERN Howard Stern comes again Stern, Howard, 1954-
070.449 AUERBACH Print to Fit : The New York Times, Zionism and Israel, 1896-2016 Auerbach, Jerold S.
070.92 PELLEY Truth worth telling : a reporter’s search for meaning in the stories of our times Pelley, Scott, 1957-
153.9 EPSTEIN Range : why generalists triumph in a specialized world Epstein, David J., 1983-
155.3 KILGARIFF Stay sexy & don’t get murdered : the definitive how-to guide Kilgariff, Karen,
158.5 VOSS Never split the difference : negotiating as if your life depended on it Voss, Christopher, 1942-
305.435 POPOVA Figuring Popova, Maria,
327 SALAMON An innocent bystander : the killing of Leon Klinghoffer Salamon, Julie,
327.12 FRIEDMAN Spies of no country : secret lives at the birth of Israel Friedman, Matti,
346.72 GEIGER SUBER Creativity and copyright : legal essentials for screenwriters and creative artists Geiger, John L., 1959-
356.465 POWELL Licensed to lie : exposing corruption in the Department of Justice Powell, Sidney K., 1955-
359.0092 McRAVEN Sea stories : my life in special operations McRaven, William H.
364.106 BRANDT “I heard you paint houses” : Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran and closing the case on Jimmy Hoffa Brandt, Charles,
364.16 LEVIN The Queen : the forgotten life behind an American myth Levin, Josh,
579.8 KASSINGER Slime : how algae created us, plague us, and just might save us Kassinger, Ruth,
590 ENCYCLOPEDIA The encyclopedia of animals : a complete visual guide
591.974 DeGRAAF New England wildlife : habitat, natural history, and distribution DeGraaf, Richard M.
616.39 LI Eat to beat disease : the new science of how your body can heal itself Li, William W.,
617.5 O’NEILL Knee surgery : the essential guide to total knee recovery O’Neill, Daniel Fulham.
636.08 LYNAS Seeds of science : why we got it so wrong on GMOs Lynas, Mark, 1973-
684/.08/05 Wood. (Better Homes and Gardens)
771 SCHAEFFER V.1 The Ansel Adams guide, book 1 : basic techniques of photography Schaefer, John Paul, 1934-
771 SCHAEFFER V.2 Basic techniques of photography. Book 2 : the Ansel Adams guide Schaefer, John Paul, 1934-
782.42 MEACHAM Songs of America : patriotism, protest, and the music that made a nation Meacham, Jon,
796.6 KRANISH The world’s fastest man : the extraordinary life of cyclist Major Taylor, America’s first Black sports hero Kranish, Michael,
823.8 SMITH The Ardlamont mystery : the real-life story behind the creation of Sherlock Holmes Smith, Daniel, 1976-
917.504 HOROWITZ Spying on the South : an odyssey across the American divide Horwitz, Tony, 1958-
940.54 HELM A life in secrets : Vera Atkins and the missing agents of WWII Helm, Sarah.
951.904 SIDES On desperate ground : the Marines at the reservoir, the Korean War’s greatest battle Sides, Hampton,
LP 814.54 BARRY Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog Barry, Dave,
YANF 362.29 NELSON Marijuana’s harmful effects on youth Nelson, Julie,
YANF 615.32 CLAY Marijuana : facts, figures, & opinions Clayborne, Leigh.
YANF 615.507 CLAY The benefits of medical marijuana : from cancer to PTSD Clayborne, Leigh,
YANF-GR 629.545 FETTER Moonbound : Apollo 11 and the dream of spaceflight Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan, 1983-
Media: all ages, audios and videos with new LUV videos here ’til mid-Sept.
CD 305.43 GATES The moment of lift : how empowering women changes the world Gates, Melinda, 1964-
CD 324.12 FRIEDMAN Spies of no country : Secret lives at the birth of Israel Friedman, Mattie
CD 327.12 FRIEDMAN Spies of no country : Secret lives at the birth of Israel Friedman, Mattie
CD 814.54 BARRY Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog Barry, Dave,
CD 973.92 WHIPPLE The gatekeepers : how the White House chiefs of staff define every presidency Whipple, Chris.
CD FIC BALDACCI Redemption Baldacci, David,
CD FIC CUSSLER BURCELL The oracle : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure Cussler, Clive,
CD FIC GILBERT City of girls Gilbert, Elizabeth, 1969-
CD FIC HARRIS Cari Mora : a novel Harris, Thomas, 1940-
CD FIC HOROWITZ The sentence is death Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
CD FIC WEINER Mrs. Everything Weiner, Jennifer,
MP3-CD FIC BOWEN The Victory garden Bowen, Rhys
J-DVD D Dora the Explorer. Dora & Boots, best friends forever
J-DVD D Dora the Explorer. Summer explorer
J-DVD D Dora the Explorer. Undercover Dora
J-DVD D Dora’s fantastic gymnastics adventure
J-DVD D Dora’s Halloween
J-DVD D Go Diego go! Diego’s arctic rescue
J-DVD D Go Diego go! Great gorilla!
J-DVD D Let’s explore! Dora’s greatest adventures
FAM DVD C The cat returns
FAM-BLU-RAY C The Cat returns
DVD P The Public
DVD S Shazam!
DVD 974.2 NH NH remembered, with Fritz Wetherbee
DVD B NIMOY For the love of Spock
BLU-RAY S Shazam!
LUV DVD 7 B Blue Ruin
LUV DVD 7 B The Book of Eli
LUV DVD 7 B Boyhood
LUV DVD 7 C City in the sky
LUV DVD 7 C The City of your Final Destination
LUV DVD 7 C Cloudstreet
LUV DVD 7 C Computer Chess
LUV DVD 7 C The Conjuring
LUV DVD 7 C Constitution USA
LUV DVD 7 C The Counselor
LUV DVD 7 C The Crucible
LUV DVD 7 D Dad’s Army
LUV DVD 7 D Death on the Railroad
LUV DVD 7 D La Dolce Vita
LUV DVD 7 D Dr. Who: The Key to Time
LUV DVD 7 D Drive
LUV DVD 7 E The Earrings of Madame de…
LUV DVD 7 E Eating Raoul
LUV DVD 7 E Elegy
LUV DVD 7 F Forces of nature
LUV DVD 7 F Framed
LUV DVD 7 F A French Village
LUV DVD 7 G The General
LUV DVD 7 G The Gentle Yoga
LUV DVD 7 G The Grey
LUV DVD 7 G Guilty Pleasures
LUV DVD 7 H The Holiday
LUV DVD 7 K King of Devil’s Island
LUV DVD 7 P The People Speak
LUV DVD 7 R Ricki and the Flash
LUV DVD 7 R Rickover
LUV DVD 7 R Ronaldo
LUV DVD 7 S Skinwalkers
All the rest of the juvenile stuff…
BB D The pout-pout fish Diesen, Deborah,
BB H Little bear’s alphabet Hissey, Jane.
BB T Ten tiny toes Tarpley, Todd,
PIC A Max attacks Appelt, Kathi, 1954-
PIC B Wet dog! Broach, Elise.
PIC C Camp tiger Choi, Susan, 1969-
PIC C Draw me a star Carle, Eric.
PIC G Go for the moon : a rocket, a boy, and the first moon landing Gall, Chris,
PIC H Moon’s first friends : one giant leap for friendship Hill, Susanna Leonard,
PIC J Off to Kindergarten Johnston, Tony
PIC S Tractor Mac builds a barn Steers, Billy,
PIC S Tractor Mac, farmer’s market Steers, Billy,
PIC JNF 398.2 M Cinderstella : a tale of planets not princes Miles, Brenda,
PICNF F A hundred billion trillion stars Fishman, Seth,
PICNF R Anything but ordinary Addie : the true story of Adelaide Herrmann, queen of magic Rockliff, Mara,
PICNF S Stone giant : Michelangelo’s David and how he came to be Sutcliffe, Jane.
ER D Are we there yet?
INTERMEDIATE R September Sneakers Roy, Ron, 1940-
INTERMEDIATE W Roar of the thunder dragon West, Tracey, 1965-
INTERMEDIATE W Search for the lightning dragon West, Tracey, 1965-
INTERMEDIATE W Shine of the silver dragon West, Tracey, 1965-
INTERMEDIATE W Treasure of the Gold Dragon West, Tracey, 1965-
J BROWN KROSOCZKA The force oversleeps Krosoczka, Jarrett,
J BROWN KROSOCZKA A new class Krosoczka, Jarrett,
J BROWN KROSOCZKA The principal strikes back Krosoczka, Jarrett,
J BROWN KROSOCZKA Revenge of the sis : a Christina Starspeeder story Krosoczka, Jarrett,
J DELACRUZ Escape from the Isle of the Lost De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-
J LUPICA Batting order Lupica, Mike,
J PARK Forest of wonders Park, Linda Sue,
J TASHJIAN My life as a gamer Tashjian, Janet,
J TASHJIAN My life as a stuntboy Tashjian, Janet.
J-PB NINJAGO The search for Zane Howard, Kate,
J-PB WALLACE Superman : the man of tomorrow Wallace, Daniel, 1970-
J-GR CAVALLARO Nico Bravo and the hound of Hades Cavallaro, Michael, 1969-
J-GR NGUYEN Pilu of the woods Nguyen, Mai K.,
J-GR O’NEILL Aquicorn Cove O’Neill, Katie (Cartoonist),
TALL J SPEER Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology Drake, Ernest.
JNF 005.133 SIDHU Coding for kids in SCRATCH 3 Sidhu, Raj
JNF 398.2 SOLNIT Cinderella liberator Solnit, Rebecca,
JNF 520 GILLINGHAM Seeing stars Gillingham, Sara,
JNF 598.72 PARKS Being a toucan Ponka, Katherine,
JNF 940.54 EDSEL The greatest treasure hunt in history : the story of the Monuments Men Edsel, Robert M.,
JNF 940.54 HOPKINSON D-Day : the World War II invasion that changed history Hopkinson, Deborah,
JNF-GR B MUIR Wildheart : The Daring adventures of John Muir Bertagna, Julie
TALL JNF 520 PRINJA Planetarium Prinja, Raman, 1961-