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Notes from the Librarian

Hi, friends,


Today, November 6th, 7:30, at Eastman’s South Cove, the Hemlock room, is Ramblin’ Richard.  For years we’ve seen tons of “positive reviews” on Ramblin’ Richard events, so we’re finally hosting his program on the songs of World War I, in this, the year the war really ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919.  The treaty was registered by the Secretariat of the League of Nations on October 21st 1919. 

“ ‘Ramblin’ Richard’ Kruppa sings the songs that were popular and tells interesting stories of how the songs related to the life and times of Americans of that era.  Many of the songs have remained beloved to this day…“When Irish Eyes are Smiling”, “It’s a Long, Long way to Tipperary”, “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm?”  He tells the stories and sings the songs while accompanying himself on guitar, 5 string banjo and baritone ukulele.”  This program is co-sponsored by the Friends of Dunbar Free Library and The Center Presents.

And NOW, it’s time for the new stuff!  This is what I said last time: “(Hey, there’s only 2 weeks’ worth!!)”  HAH!!  It’s now more than 2 months’ worth, but I’ll get better.  Switch tabs to “New Arrivals”.

Did you know?

Dunbar Free Library has a language learning program called “Mango”, on our green right-hand sidebar Quicklinks and on the “Web Resources” page, login requires you know the pre-fix to put in front of your library card number (just ask us) and it provides varying levels of instruction for over 30 languages and quite a few more for “English as a 2nd language”.  If you create your own login once you’ve accessed it the first time, it will keep track of your progress.  It also has movies in foreign languages.