Dunbar Free Library 2023 Summer Reading Program

Program Details


Read, share, or listen to 50 books or 500 minutes.

Acceptable forms of reading include but are NOT limited to:

  • Books
  • E-books
  • Audio books
  • magazines
  • wonderbooks
  • launch pad
  • goreader
  • newspapers


Pick up a paper tracking sheet and 50 stickers at the library. Place a sticker for every book read, or for every 10-minute block of reading. (Each parent decides what’s best for their child.)


Bring your tracker in weekly (if you can not get in weekly please email Megen at dflprogramming@comcast.net) to get stickers to add to our pixel art and be entered for a chance to win it at the end of the summer when its all done. As well as patches, pins, and key chains to customize your summer reading bag!

Hand in each completed sheet for a FREE ice cream cone with topping from Sanctuary Dairy Farm in Sunapee, NH!

Sign up:

In person at the library or Here

Children must sign-up in advance to qualify for the end of the program prize.


Summer Reading Program

Kick-Off on

Friday, June 9th

Grantham Village School Gym

Simon Brooks: The English Fella and Story Teller

Each year Simon creates a new program specifically for that year’s SRP – 2023 is All Together Now : Todos Juntos Ahora – Kindness/Friendship/Unity. Not only is Altogether Together Now a great Beatles song, the theme is ripe for plucking some great folk and fairy tales about kindness and cooporation. The Woman Who Flummuxed The Fey is a wonderful story from Scotland exemplifying kindness and friendship; The Dead Moon from the East of England tells how an outsider was brought into the community after saving the moon; and The Chinaberry Tree is a glorious and beautiful tale from Japan about a tree’s spirit helping a woman in need. Simon often finds new stories to tell, adding to his repertoire, sometimes replacing tales that need a rest (at least for a short while).
Discounted rates can apply for rural and/or underfunded libraries – call for details.

Free event open to everyone! Sponsored by Friends of the Dunbar Free Library!


2023 Summer Reading Bags!

Thanks to a grant from 4imprints, Dunbar Free Library is able to offer a free summer reading bag to every child that participates! Through out the summer you have a chance to customize you bag! We will be having Teen/ Tween Tie-Dye night, Family Tie-Dye night, weekly reading log check ins, Reading BINGO, and other opportunities to customize! Bring in your reading in log weekly and pick a patch, pin, or key chain to make your Summer Reading Bag your own!! When you have filled out your whole reading log, you will earn the special 2023 Summer Reading Program pin!

Week 1: June 23 – July 1

Fri. June 23rd – Tween/Teen Tie Dye Bags 6PM

Sat. June 24th- Special Saturday Summer Storytime 12PM

Mon. June 26th- New Take and Make Craft available
                                    Tween/ Teen Bookclub 11AM

Wed. June 28th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM
                                     Family Tie-Dye Library Bags 5PM

Thur. June 29th- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                     Beat the Heat Movies 1PM
                                              “Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Teen/Tween Book Club

Join the Teen/Tween Summer Reading Book Club! We will Read through2 books this summer and talk about them together. If you ONLY read the books for this book club you will have met your requirements for summer reading!

Week 2: July 2 – July 8

Mon. July 3rd- New Take and Make Craft available 

Wed. July 5th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM

Thur. July 6th- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                Classic Movie Night with the family 5PM
The Goonies

Fri. July 7th – Tween/Teen Night Journaling with Kirsha Frye-Matte 6PM

Sat. July 8th- Special Saturday Summer Storytime 12PM


Just because we can’t sleep at the library doesn’t mean our stuffies can’t have a good time! Drop off you stuffy on July 12th and they can hang out with the other stuffies, watch a movie, and have a stuffy sleepover! You can see them having an amazing time on Facebook and instagram! 

Week 3: July 9 – July 15

Mon. July 10th – New Take and Make Craft available
                                    Tween/ Teen Bookclub 11AM

Wed. July 12th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM
                                    Quilt Square Decorating 5PM
                                         Stuffy Sleepover Drop Off

Thur. July 13th- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                     Beat the Heat Movies 1PM
                                              “Clifford the Big Red Dog

Quilt Squares

Leave your mark on the Summer of 2023 and help us be “All Together Now”! On Wednesday July 12th at 5 pm, we will be decorating quilt squares and making a beautiful quilt with art and special words from our patrons!

Week 4: July 16 – July 22

Mon. July 17th- New Take and Make Craft available 

Wed. July 19th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM

Thur. July 20th- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                Classic Movie Night with the family 5PM
Homeward Bound

Fri. July 21st- Tween/Teen Night Pixel Art 6PM

Sat. July 22nd- Special Saturday Summer Storytime 12PM


 Pixel Art

Create a unique design and turn it into Pixel Art. Only 5 spots per time slot available. Sign up early! Teen/tween pixel art night July 21st at 6PM and Family Pixel art night is July 26th 5PM

Week 5: July 23 – July 29

Mon. July 24th – New Take and Make Craft available
                                    Tween/ Teen Bookclub 11AM

Wed. June 26th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM
                                     Family Pixel Art 5PM

Thur. June 27th- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                     Beat the Heat Movies 1PM

2023 Summer Reading Coloring Contest

Don’t forget to turn in your coloring contest pages!

Deadline is August 4th

Week 6: July 30 – August 9

Mon. July 31st- New Take and Make Craft available 

Wed. August 2nd- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM

Thur. August 3rd- Preschool Storytime with Ms. Megen 10:30 AM
                                        Classic Movie Night with the family 5PM
The Sandlot

Fri. August 4th- Tween/Teen Night playing card engineering 6PM
                                   Coloring Contest Deadline

Sat. August 5th- Special Saturday Summer Storytime 12PM

Wed. August 9th- Lap Baby/Toddlers Storytime with Ms. Dawn 10AM
                                       Author Reading Matt Forrest Esenwine 5 PM

Reading BINGO

Pick up a Reading BINGO page, Black out your Bingo card and get a customization for your bag!

Summer Reading comes to an end

Monday, August 14th at 3PM

At the Dunbar Free Library!

Rain location: Grantham Town Hall – Lowest Level

Mr. Albert was born & raised on Long Island in New York and currently lives & works in White Plains, New York. Albert is the author of an artist autobiography titled, “An Artist’s America” (Henry Holt, 2008) and is nationally known for making collage artworks from Cereal boxes & other printed cardboard consumer brand packages. His work has been described as across between Pop Art, Cubism & Recycling. 
Albert’s Pop is often referred to as “Modern” since he’s been creating it for the past 25 years and still creates new works on a regular basis, whereas the Pop Art movement began almost 70 years ago with the ‘old masters’ such as: Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and others who started creating art themed about everyday things (products & objects) & subjects (current events, etc). Albert’s “Portrait of An American Classic”, the Frosted Flakes Box Collage was his official beginning as a Modern Pop Artist back in 1996. He calls that collage, ’The Birth of Cerealism’!  Since that breakthrough creation, he has created over 700 collages from Cereal boxes like this, and thousands more with different themes, all artworks using the same everyday materials. He says that his true goal in all of this work & effort is to create a masterpiece worthy of hanging in a major museum like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. 
He will be bringing his nationally renowned “Modern Pop Art Experience” Art programs to over 85 cities in 11 states this summer including: Alabama, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Maine and he will also be making his first stops in Canada for some special international programs! He has been running this program for over a decade & has brought it to over 1,000 libraries, museums, arts events & schools in 43 states!  
On this tour he will be visiting a half dozen cities in New Hampshire and this will be his first visit to Grantham!
The “Modern Pop Art Experience” generally includes an ARTIST APPEARANCE (Meet the Artist!), ARTIST TALK & PRESENTATION – where Mr. Albert Introduces himself to the group, shows examples of his works and tells the group about the project they are about to do, a HANDS-ON COLLAGE WORKSHOP where the participants get to create their own collages using the same materials he uses to create his serious works of art, and the 2-hour program finishes with a FREE POSTER GIVEAWAY & SIGNING – Mr. Albert brings about 20 different prints (which he has self-published in limited quantities) for the each participant to choose from as a special gift for coming to the event. 


The Summer Reading Program has been generously funded by the Friends of the Dunbar Free Library!