Did You Know We Lend More Than Just Books?

Try A Kindle for Reading Downloadable Books

You can borrow one of our digital readers, and we will even download books for you through the NH Downloadable Books Consortium!

How About Star Gazing with Your Family?

Borrow our cool telescope for a week and view the sky like never before!

Note: You must watch a quick video or two so that you can safely transport the telescope.

Plan a Game Night for Your Family!

We have lots of fun games currently in our collection. Click the button to see the list.

Puzzles Anyone?

We have lots of puzzles! Click below to see what we have, or just come on in!

Children's Puzzles

We have a large selection of puzzles for children. Some are the wooden type, some are extra large for little hands, and some are perfect for transitioning to more complex puzzles.


These are AMAZING! We have about a dozen of these voice recorded books which read to children while they follow along.


Would you like learning games for your children without worrying what other sites they might inadvertently access? If so, you might want to stop by and pick up one of these preloaded, learning based, kid-friendly tablets. There’s also no need to monitor their browsing since they can only access the 10 super-fun educational games.


Do you want to see where you can save money on your electric bill? Then try one of these energy auditors.


Are you working on the yard, and need something uncomplicated to listen to? Try one of these cool devices! Just plug in the headphones and press a button! We can even provide you the earbuds for $1.

Digital Radon Detector

Take control of your radon levels with no lab tests needed, ever! Within 24 hours you will see the first indication of your radon levels. This simple to use device is also highly accurate. Borrow it today!