If you would like to request a library card from our library you can either fill out an application in-person, or you can fill out this form online.

Requests for library cards for children 13 years and younger requires an adult to complete the form. Children 14 and older may fill out the form themselves.

It usually takes only a few days to process.

We will email you when your card is ready!

Library cards are FREE for GRANTHAM, NH residents (including Grantham, NH property owners and Grantham, NH renters). Children of any of the above are also eligible.

New Hampshire visitors and non-residents of Grantham may obtain a library card for an annual fee of $60 per family. Non-residents who have paid $500 or more to the library will be granted lifetime library privileges at no additional cost.

A non-resident who works or is employed in Grantham, NH may have a free library card on an annual renewal basis.

Croydon Students

Croydon students may have annual library cards purchased by the Croydon School according to the following rules:

  • Named individual must be present to use the card
  • Video checkouts on these cards are limited to the juvenile and family sections
  • Cards are not valid for the NH Downloadable Books Consortium
  • Cards are issued for a full year
  • Students’ families are allowed to purchase a non-limited (regular non-resident) card for an additional $30