Checkout Limits and Loan Periods

New bestseller books… 2 weeks

Books and audiobooks… 3 weeks

E-readers… 3 weeks

Inter-library loans… 2 weeks 

Launchpads… 3 weeks

LUV (rotating collecton) videos… 1 week

Magazines – 2 most recent issues (limit 4)… 1 week

Magazines – older issues (limit 4)… 3 weeks

Movies (limit 4)… 1 week

Museum passes… varies – usually 4 days, some passes do NOT need to be returned

Puzzles and games… 3 weeks

Telescope… 1 week

Television series… 2 weeks

Wonderbooks… 3 weeks

Policy for Overdue Materials

1. The Dunbar Free Library does not charge late fees/fines for items returned beyond the
due date.

2. Patrons will be notified, if necessary, by multiple methods of overdue items. Should
a third notice of overdue item(s) be necessary and/or the item(s) is/are determined to
be lost or damaged beyond repair, the patron will be issued a bill for the item(s)
replacement cost and a $5.00 per item processing fee.

3. Borrowers will not be held responsible for material losses due to such misfortune as
fire or flood.

4. All money collected from replacement charges/processing fees will be used for the
purchase of new or replacement materials/media.

5. Borrowers with two (2) or more overdue items and no remaining renewal options
cannot check out any other library materials. In the case of Croydon student
borrowers, the limit is one (1) overdue item.

6. If necessary, in accordance of NH statute, the library may turn information about
excessive and/or egregious overdue items to the police.


Most items can be renewed 2 times, provided there is no immediate demand for the title(s).

You can renew books online, in-person, or by calling us at 603-863-2172.