Why we purchased this resource for our patrons

Weiss Financial Ratings Series includes important financial literacy tools from Weiss Ratings and Grey House Publishing.

With Weiss Financial Ratings, you can:

  • Check the values and ratings of stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds
  • Check ratings of banks, credit unions and insurance companies
  • Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
  • Download financial literacy & planning eBooks (PDF files to keep forever)

More features:

  • Independent, unbiased financial strength ratings of banks, credit unions & insurance companies
  • Conservative buy-hold-sell ratings of thousands of stocks, mutual funds & exchange traded funds
  • Create your own personal account to create a watchlist, get upgrade/downgrade notifications and log in from anywhere
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance – which plan to choose, how much it will cost, compare rates & plan benefits

How to access this resource (call us if you need the prefix code and any additional help)

Create your own account and get updates on your chosen stocks or mutual funds.

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